July 03, 2023

Tasteless Breakfast - Homelessness!

Everyone deserves a place of safety and comfort. Homelessness shouldn’t be an issue at all in today's society! I’m always in shock when we travel to different EU cities and see the high number of homeless people, especially in cities like Rome, just a few footsteps away from Vatican City! Seriously? There shouldn’t be one single homeless on the streets of a holy city ruled by the Catholic Church!

The same awful situation is happening in the United Kingdom. Every time we visit London and see homeless people just a few steps away from the Bucking Palace, it surprises me that this is even possible in a country with a Royal family.

And last week, I heard that Prince William is planning to put an end to this inhuman condition. He promised to build housings and remove 300 000 homeless humans (half of it are children) in the next five years. I’m glad to see this important step in the right direction. I only wish it would happen much sooner than in five years! However, every action for humanity should be supported and respected.  

BTW: These are the numbers of homeless people who have lost their lives, according to the Museum of Homelessness in London, in recent years! Who knows what the number will look like in the next five years?

Stay tuned for my brand-new song TASTELESS BREAKFAST, Lily Amis feat. Thir13een. A soul track dedicated to all the forgotten humans on the street!

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