July 19, 2023

Tasteless Breakfast - Review!

Tasteless Breakfast, Lily Amis, feat. Thir13een is available on all streaming platforms!


Here is a review by Bandcamp Music blog: 


Lily Amis presents: Tasteless Breakfast,” featuring Thir13een.

Lily Amis is a talented lyricist who puts so much passion and heart into her work. She has recently released a stunning new single titled “Tasteless Breakfast,” featuring the soulful collaboration of Thir13een. This mesmerizing track serves as a poignant connection to Lily’s remarkable project, The Lily4Humanity Creativity Contest. The contest is an amazing way for Lily to encourage people to be creative and expressive!

With “Tasteless Breakfast,” Thir13een showcases his exceptional ability to craft uplifting melodies and breathtaking arrangements that delve deep into the essence of the finest R&B music available today. The addition of Thir13eens vocals to the mix brings an extraordinary and soulful vibe, further enriching this much-anticipated release.

The song deals with the idea of the lack of humanity in society and how it can be trouble. However, music has the power to bring about change. One great thing about music is its ability to reach everyone, regardless of age, gender, education, or income. Everyone loves music, and even if people don’t pay much attention to the lyrics, they often remember the chorus of a song, which can inspire positive change.

Lily Amis’ latest offering represents a testament to her artistic growth as a lyricist and passion for creating meaningful music that resonates with audiences worldwide. “Tasteless Breakfast” is poised to captivate listeners!

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