July 24, 2023

Tasteless Breakfast - Article by the Industry Times!

The Resounding Chorus of Humanity | A Deep Dive into Lily Amis and Thir13een’s Creative World

In a world fraught with discord, it takes an extraordinary degree of strength, resilience, and creativity to channel the overwhelming realities of our society into a harmonious amalgamation of melody and word. Lily Amis, a lyricist with a decade-long commitment to crafting meaningful lyrics, does precisely that. Together with her collaborator, Thir13een (aka Warren Young), they’ve transformed harrowing narratives into rhythmic manifestos of hope.

Their journey began in 2022, birthed from an online petition called #HumanityB4Nationality, and since then, they have released seven compelling songs. Their debut single, “80 Million People”, was a heartfelt tribute to refugees around the world, a cause close to Lily’s heart as a former child war refugee herself.

The duo’s latest track, “Tasteless Breakfast,” presents an exploration of homelessness, hunger, and the ongoing refugee crisis, framed in the soulful tapestry of rhythm and blues. Thir13een’s role as a producer, composer, and vocalist, combined with Lily’s evocative lyricism, has resulted in an impressive repertoire spanning genres from soul/R&B and pop to rap.

Influenced by the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, Lily perceives herself as the “Voice for the Voiceless,” employing the power of music to raise awareness about issues such as war, discrimination, and bullying. This aim is not just reflected in the duo’s songs but extends to their active efforts to galvanize others into action.

Embodying this drive for change is the ‘Lily4Humanity Creativity Contest.’ This project invites artists, writers, and dancers worldwide to participate in a contest inspired by the duo’s songs. The initiative aims to unify generations, celebrating the miracle of music and creativity, while raising funds for charities that empower young people through education, integration, and healthcare support.

Furthermore, the project embodies Lily’s advocacy for refugees’ rights, an issue she and her mother, Sima, have suffered and fought against due to their past experiences. The pain, sorrow, and feelings of loneliness and helplessness that stemmed from these experiences have shaped Lily’s lyrical work, giving it an intensely personal and poignant touch.

As the contest heads toward its conclusion in December 2023, participants worldwide are invited to use the power of art and words to become Voices for the Voiceless themselves. This global platform is Lily’s latest step to initiate change, uniting individuals in a shared journey and ensuring a legacy of humanity for the present and future generations.

Amis and Thir13een’s collaboration is a testament to the transformative power of music. Through their soulful tunes and poignant narratives, they continue to amplify the voices of those silenced, marginalized, and dismissed by society. Their journey, just like their music, is an ongoing symphony of resistance, resilience, and redemption, echoing across continents, resonating within hearts, and inspiring millions to stand up, speak out, and make a difference.

You can stay updated with their journey and join the global chorus of change by visiting their websites, LilyAmis.com and Lily4Humanity.com. Their music is available across streaming platforms, and you can get a taste of their soulful symphony through the links provided.

As Lily and Thir13een’s creative journey continues, so does their resolve to spread the message of unity, equality, and humanity. One song at a time, they’re challenging the status quo, inspiring change, and truly becoming the ‘Voice for the Voiceless.’

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