June 07, 2021

I keep wishing!

As you know we love and adore little dogs. That’s why they have become our Ambassadors for my Lily4Refugees project. Right now we are working on brand new and exciting stories, again with inspirational and educational messages about the importance of integration and education for young and young at heart readers. Cute dog characters in beautiful places surrounded by lovely humans with emotional life stories are in progress.  

Last week, on a lovely and sunny day, my mum and I went out to get new summer flowers for our balcony, or as we call it our own little paradise. Next to the garden center is a huge pet store with a wide range of products especially for cats and dogs. It is like heaven for tiny, little, and bigger animals. The variety of items is beyond your imagination. Starting from delicious food, snacks, toys, clothing, dog holders, accessories, and fancy bags to cozy beds and sofas. You can’t imagine it, if you haven’t seen it. So we have taken a few pictures to share with it our blog visitors.

I could write a whole blog post just about the food and snack variety for cats and dogs. Did you know that dog foods are produced with chicken, beef, lamb, ostrich, horse, rabbits or deer meat? You find all kinds of meat except pork and there is a good reason for that. Eating raw or undercooked pork is not safe for dogs or humans, due to the parasite trichinella spiralis larvae, which can cause the parasite infection known as trichinosis. Raw pork can also contain other bacteria such as salmonella or trichinae. And then people make jokes about Muslims and Jew's rules and believes! But that’s another story for another blog post.

Anyway, while we are excited and impressed by all the love and care that humans have for animals, we are sad, shocked, and heartbroken for the forgotten children. The ones stuck in refugee camps and refugee shelters, which have absolutely nothing. No fancy clothing, no delicious food and snacks, and tragically not even a cozy and comfortable bed to rest.

So we ask ourselves, what is wrong with us humans? How come we care to create products for animals but we don’t care to give the same amount of attention, love and support to little human beings? The answer is simple. Money! Like always. The companies that produce all these products for animals have one main goal: Money! Companies don’t benefit from producing products especially for refugees and their children. That’s the tragic reality. Money is always the main motivation for humans.

I wish the human's mind and motivation would change. I wish more people would care about other people. More companies and humans would start to give the same love and support to humans as they give to animals. Trust me; this would be a massive change maker for the entire world. Caring and sharing without expectation and false and selfish motivation. Honestly, I have lost all my faith in humanity and kindness. I know it is just wishful and naive thinking, but I keep wishing… I wish that children would get the same love and attention as animals. I wish refugees would get the same amount of caring and kindness as cats and dogs! I wish humans would start to care for other humans regardless of race, nationality, skin color, gender, and life story.

I keep wishing, I keep dreaming, I keep hoping!

"Lucky" is available in German, Italian and Spanish as well. 
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