June 19, 2021

Creativity survives!


From a young age, we are inspired, influenced, and educated by a handful number of important people around us. The most important ones are obviously our parents, siblings, and grandparents. Everything we know, everything we are, and everything we become is a reflection of our family, our loved ones.

In the following years in Kindergarten and at school we are shaped and educated by our teachers. In my school years in my country, I enjoyed strong educational and stress-free years. And when we came to Switzerland my very first teacher was as lovely as my teachers back home. Missis Heidelberg and her co-worker Miss Neugebauer were both very sweet and caring women, who loved their jobs and enjoyed educating foreign children the German language.

Me, Missis Heidelberg and Miss Neugebauer, Bahar (my friend)

After my preparation and integration year, I was then sent to a normal public school in Zurich for Swiss and foreign children. And for the very first time in my life, I had a male teacher. 

My Swiss teacher, Mister Fritschi was a well-educated and friendly family man. He loved nature and enjoyed choir singing. He took us weekly to the woods and made us search for things and we also spend lots of time gardening our own vegetables. He was in his late forties when I joined his class for only two years and the only person who realized how miserable I was doing while my stepfather was terrorizing us at home. Sadly Mister Fritschi passed away only shortly after from nasal cancer.

My teacher Mister Fritschi and my entire class 

The other day, I found a hand-made charcoal drawing by him, that he gave me back in 1988 with a note. It is a quote by the German novelist and poet Theodor Fontane. He published the first of his novels, for which he is best known today, only at age 58 after a career as a journalist.

Looking at my teacher's drawing and handwriting, who is now gone for over three decades gives me Goosebumps. It shows the power of writing and drawing. When we create something, it lasts longer than we do. We leave earth, but our creative work, whether it's writing or drawing will last and touch people’s heart and soul. That's why it is so important to stay creative and productive regardless of whats happening in the world. The crazier the reality becomes, the more creativity we have to spread. 

RIP Mister Fritschi. RIP Theodor Fontane.


Whoever wants to create has to be happy

You will never make it to proficiency

By your miserable daydreams

Tears let nothing succeed:

Whoever wants to create has to be happy.

The rain may well awaken germs,

that undermines the clod,

but golden grain and harvest blessings

only ripen in sunlight.

Theodor Fontane


Wer schaffen will muss fröhlich sein (Original German)

Du wirst es nie zu Tücht'gem bringen

Bei deines Grames Träumereien,

die Tränen lassen nichts gelingen:

Wer schaffen will muss fröhlich sein.

Wohl Keime wecken mag der Regen,

der in die Scholle niederbricht,

doch golden Korn und Erntesegen

reift nur heran bei Sonnenlicht.

Theodor Fontane

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