October 23, 2019

A "kind" and "supportive" letter from a reader in Zurich!

Last week I send copies of my book “The Stolen Years In Zurich”, “Die Gestohlenen Jahre in Zürich” to libraries in Switzerland and Austria. The copies to German libraries went out last month. 

Today I received this anonymous letter from Zurich. It’s interesting that this woman didn’t sign her letter and she didn’t mention her name. But with her lines, she confirmed the importance of my book and because I can’t thank her directly, I do it publicly. 

To the reader from Zurich:  

Thank you for taking the time to read my book in less than a week and making the time to send me such a warm and kind letter. Thank you for your empathy. It’s a shame that you didn’t sign your letter, but I take this response as a compliment to my book and my mission in bringing awareness for the rights of refugees worldwide. I am and will always be the Voice for the Voiceless! It’s a shame that you feel you have to destroy my book. Instead, you could have sent it back to me with your kind letter! Best wishes, Lily

Letter Translation in English: 

“I have read your book and I’m horrified!
Go back to your country if everything is negative here in Switzerland...
It can happen that you meet incompetent and unfriendly people - but this could also happen in your country.
Be happy that you can live here in peace and were supported by the government (our taxpayers!) and received support with a pension.
I think in your country we wouldn’t have lived so well as refugees.
I’m very disappointed by your book and will destroy it immediately...
Best regards, a reader from Zurich”



October 21, 2019

Mission Libraries 2019 accomplished!

This week the last copies of my book “The Stolen Years In Zurich” went out to Austrian and Swiss Libraries. “Die Gestohlenen Jahre In Zurich” is our Voice for the Voiceless! 

"The Stolen Years In Zurich" also know as "Destination Freedom" is an eye-opening and honest journey about innocent war refugees worldwide and I hope readers will have more understanding and empathy for humans, who end up in a difficult, hopeless and challenging life chapter! 

We experienced injustice, discrimination and racism in over three decades in the heart of Europe. Tragically nothing has changed. The laws ruled by narrow-minded and godless creatures, who enjoy punishing and harassing helpless refugees and foreigners, are still the same!

Our story is just one of many, but I hope and pray that maybe one day humans will begin to treat other humans with kindness and respect! As we always say “Treat others, the way you like to be treated!”