March 15, 2018

Read My Mind Spring issue 2018 is out now!

The spring issue of Read My Mind Magazine 2018 is online. While we had permanent bloggers in 2017, we will be featuring only guest bloggers from time to time in 2018. Every issue is going to be dedicated to one topic. 
The spring issue is dedicated to the wonderful country of Italy with its amazing history, artists, and writers. Read the informative article about the Kingdom of Italy the beautiful city of Florence. Meet Italian author Carlo Collodi and inspirational personalities such as Maria Montessori.
Read my honest articles about social media, “Fiction verses Non-Fiction” or “Authors don’t sell yourself short”! Also interesting is my interview with the brilliant and successful British Novelist Julia Blake, the author of Becoming Lili, and five more novels. 
Like always there is also a movie review in my column Lilywood and a touching film review by American author and film critic Trevor Pacelli about the fantastic movie “My Name is Khan”. So what is holding you back? Enjoy the read…

In 2017 the first three issues had over 150 000 readers. That’s why I have decided to publish an online magazine with the best of Lily Amis. These have been the most visited articles and interviews. It includes interviews with my beautiful and talented mum designer Sima, British actor Kevin Leslie, Welsh singer James Kennedy and articles like “What makes you think you are an author?” or “From Book to Audiobook”, “The true story behind Adidas and Puma” and much much more… I hope you enjoy the read.