October 18, 2017

Read My Mind Winter issue 2017 is out now!

These days, thanks to social media making friends and connecting with people from across the globe has become easy. But building friendships based on honesty, loyalty, integrity and respect is the challenging part. Like in every relationship honesty, trust, love, compassion and appreciation are required to cherish one another. Our experience in 2017 has been mostly positive.

We started this magazine in spring 2017 with seven international authors/bloggers from across the globe as a sign of unity despite distance, different time zones and continents, age, mother language, level of education, lifestyle, and life stories. However, four authors are no longer part of the Read My Mind Team. Unfortunately, it is not everyone’s cup of tea to be fully engaged and committed to such a time-consuming project, for which we have full understanding. People come and go. That’s the hard reality of life! We read a quote somewhere recently and it said: “Be willing to walk alone. Many who started with you won’t finish with you!”

I have to say working on Read My Mind made me learn a lot about myself. I will never understand why kindness and generosity backfires on one in a hurtful way, when you least expect it and that’s fine. I won’t change my trustworthy, honest and supportive way, because that’s who I am.

The most important lesson I learned in the making of each issue has been to stay truthful to myself, my values and my beliefs regardless of the consequences. I also learned not to care about jealousy. Instead, I have full compassion for people with lack of self-confidence, who throw rocks at things that shine.  A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms.

Let me use a quote from my book “Teddy & Lily, True Friendship is Unconditional Loyalty”: “Making friends is easy, but keeping friends is the difficult part. Friendship is like a flower. It needs daily love and care to blossom. If you forget to give it water, the flower dies. It’s as simple as that!”

I began with blogging in 2016 to mainly promote my books. But because of my wide field of interest in music, movies, and politics, my blog posts became more and more popular.

With up to 15,000 blog visitors monthly on LilyAmis.blogspot.com from across the globe, it would be crazy not to continue my blogger magazine. Since March 2017 we had over 150,000 Read My Mind readers as well. As the magazine title says “Read MY Mind”. So I will continue to write about all kinds of topics like I did on my blog and from time to time we will feature guest writers/bloggers in 2018.

We are already working on the spring 2018 issue with brand new and exciting columns. Of course, we like to use this opportunity and thank the four former team members for their contribution in the first and second issue. And we like to thank those who are still on board. You and your work are much appreciated. We would also like to thank our interview partners in 2017. Keep up the great work and best of luck with your future projects. But our biggest Thank you goes to our readers. Please spread your love and make sure that everyone knows about “Read My Mind” and our future issues. We hope to be able to offer you more exciting, entertaining, educating and inspiring articles in 2018. Enjoy the read and have a blessed Christmas with your loved ones. See you in 2018! 

In the third and last issue of Read My Mind in 2017, we again have inspiring and educational articles for our readers. Are you an Author living outside of America, the United Kingdom, and Canada and you want to produce audiobooks? Well, I have found the solution for you. I have produced my first two audiobooks in summer 2017 and will share my experience with a very helpful step-by-step guideline.

Listen to my two audiobook samples on Soundcloud.com that will be soon available in all download stores.

Our American RMM Columnist Rick Amitin is inspiring us with two lovely articles. Our British Columnist Annelisa Christensen is educating us once again with her interesting article “Warm hands, warm heart” about history. And our lovely American Columnist Bibiana Krall is taking us once again to a new destination. Our youngest Author and Columnist Trevor Pacelli is inspiring us with a new movie review as well. There is so much to discover. Find out who won our Book Trailer contest and discover new and lovely books in different genres for your next read.