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February 20, 2017

Read My Mind The Blogger Magazine

APRIL 2017 - Read My Mind is an exciting collaboration of International Bloggers bringing you fresh, educational, and informative content. The official video gives you a great feel for the high energy we bring to every page of this gorgeous digital magazine.

From discovering new books, listening to music, publishing news, and watching film, we also offer dedicated lifestyle, humor, travel, history, and world sport.

Did I mention writing and song lyric contests with a prize of global marketing highlighting you and your work? You will be seen and judged by our bloggers and International music artists! There are eight different contests in our Spring Edition for Authors, Readers, and artists!

Discover new authors, books, movies, and music. This magazine is all about making your life better & giving you awesome content that educates & entertains. This is a digital magazine for people who truly want to belong to the new crop of community-minded creatives.


Blogger Team & Columns:
Publisher, Concept, Head Writer, Layout: nasSima-design
The Travel of Mind: Bibiana Krall
The Literature Mind: Elaine R. Chissick
The Historical Mind: Annelisa Christensen
The Life of my Mind: Angel M.
Trevor’s Mind on Hollywood: Trevor Pacelli
The Inspirational Mind & LilyWoods Mind: Lily Amis
Grants Mind on Life & Grants Mind on World Sport: Grant Leishman
Music Judges:

Welsh Singer James Kennedy
Swedish Singer Carl Lindquist
British Composer James Oldrini
Magazine Cover: nassima design
Magazine Trailer: Bibiana Krall
Magazine Editor: Lily Amis & Grant Leishman & Angel M.

Meet our Magazine Judge, the talented Artist James Kennedy with his brand new Single "Unconditional "

February 17, 2017

Meet American Author Cynthia L. Schneider


Author name:  Cynthia L. Schneider
Genres: Fantasy (Epic/Urban)
Country: USA

Meet American Author Cynthia L. Schneider. She was born in a small Kansas town on the Missouri river, Cynthia L. Schneider grew up in a house of avid readers and overflowing bookshelves. Her first full-length novel took shape while she was still in high school, on a typewriter in her parent's living room. She has been writing all her life, The Crown of Stones: Magic-Price was her first published novel. Completing the trilogy has been an amazing experience for her.
Discover her trilogy The Crown of Stones: Magic-Price (Book #1)

What if you were born with an addiction to magic? What if your pleasure meant their pain? From a land long-divided by prejudice and fear comes the story of Ian Troy, an ex-soldier born with an addiction to magic. Living in isolation and denial, Ian is haunted by the tragic aftermath of a single spell that changed the world. Curbing his addiction with a steady stream of wine and regret, he struggles to put it all behind him—until a fateful encounter with a pretty assassin awakens Ian’s addiction. His past comes crashing into the present, and denial is no longer an option. To save the realms and those he cares for, Ian must embrace the one thing he fears most: his own power. Magic-Price is the first installment in The Crown of Stones Trilogy.            

Cynthia welcome to my blog. Tell me when did you first start writing? Was being a writer something you always aspired to be?
I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. I had an early and avid love for books, and was lucky enough to grow up in a house full of readers. We had these wonderfully overstuffed bookshelves filled with all different genres. Those books were like candy to me. When I was in elementary school I started writing poems and short stories. When I didn’t like how my favorite TV shows were going, I made my own scripts for the characters. Sometimes I wrote my own news reports or commercials and made my poor parents sit down and watch me, like I was on TV. As I got older the stories grew longer and more complex. I started a few screenplays for movies that I never finished. At sixteen I wrote my first full length novel, a post-apocalyptic behemoth entitled, Twist of Fate. That’s when I started dreaming of one day becoming a published author.
Cynthia what would you like to achieve as an Author?
I would love for all the stories in my head to find their way onto the page, but I’m not sure I could ever live that long! Apart from that, my biggest goal is to make my readers feel. I want my stories to take them on an adventure and my characters to stick in their heads. I want them to have. And maybe land a movie deal somewhere along the way!
A movie deal sounds good! What is your best advice based on your own experiences so far to other Authors?
One thing that’s been huge for me is getting out there. I’ve never been big on public speaking, so I knew it would be a challenge for me when I published. Before my first event, I was terrified. But I not only survived, I had fun! Each one got easier, and I learned so much. Now, I’m hooked! Every year I try to do more and go farther away.
Whether you’re attending book fairs, library events, the comic cons (which I frequent), or something else, the in-person events can be great confidence builders. They’re not only fun, but they help get your work in front of a large number of potential readers that might not otherwise see it. It’s such a good feeling when someone comes back the following year to buy your next book and you have the opportunity to chat with them in-person. I’ve met some wonderful people, both readers and aspiring writers, some of which I’m still in contact with.
What genres do you read and review to support your fellow Authors?
I read and review fantasy (both epic & urban), horror, thrillers, sci-fi, steampunk, and post-apocalyptic. I prefer adult, but I have read some wonderful YA books recently. I also enjoy mysteries and historical fiction, though it’s been a while since I’ve read either genre.
A quote by you or your Life motto?
I can’t really say I have a life motto, but I do have a writing motto. I believe strongly in telling a story as it’s meant to be told. I don’t hold myself hostage to chapter lengths or word counts, or writing in fear of what others might think. Tell the story as it’s meant to be told. Trust your characters and do them justice. Write fearlessly. If you do that, the rest will fall into place.
Cynthia, thank you very much for taking the time to answer my questions. I hope that you achieve all your goals and land a movie deal in Hollywood! My best wishes & God bless, Lily Amis
Cynthia on Socialmedia
Amazon Author Page:
Blog: (For book reviews)
A list of ALL her published Book titles until today 2017
The Crown of Stones: Magic-Price
The Crown of Stones: Magic-Scars
The Crown of Stones: Magic-Borne

 Copyright Book Covers: Thank you @Cynthia

February 09, 2017

Q&A Interview with American Author Rick Amitin

Each one of us has a story to tell and everyone we meet is fighting a battle we know nothing about. This section “The Q & A Interview with inspiring people” is dedicated to exceptional personalities, who either have something to educate us or to inspire us.

Today I want you to meet American Author Rick Amitin. He has recently published his memoir IF ONLY I HAD A DAD - Finding Freedom From Fatherlessness (My journey to discover me) and the Companion Workbook (Your journey to discover you).  I had the honor to talk to him about this beautifully written book and his desire to help his readers to heal.
Ricks Social Media Contacts
NAME: Rick Amitin
GENRE: Memoir/ Inspiration/Personal Transformation
TWITTER: @RickAmitin

Rick welcome to my blog series “Interview with Inspirational people”. I chose your memoir “If only I had a dad” to kick off my blog series 2017, because your book is very close to my heart.

I always believe that people meet for a reason, despite distance, age and life stories. You and I met on Facebook.  And I had no clue about your life neither about your book that was published just recently in December 2016.

I haven’t read your whole book yet, but it is on my to-read list! I read the Companion Workbook though. And trust me it couldn’t be on a more appropriate time than now, where I myself was looking for my father’s love in the past two years, only to be rejected again! Ok, let’s start the interview.

Rick, please tell me a little about yourself and your professional background?
I grew up in a small town in northern Indiana. Joined the military at an early age. I became a barber while pursuing ministry. Travelled for several years, speaking around the world, and pastoring churches. Eventually I built a multimillion dollar insurance business in Los Angeles. I took some time out to find myself in writing and speaking.
I read on your Author biography that you see yourself as a product of broken home(s). Because you were abandoned by your father and had three step-fathers by the time you were nine years old. I know how it feels like to have a step-father. I think this deep scar never heals. Would you say writing about your painful experiences helped your scars to heal?
Writing my book is the most healing I have ever experienced. I didn’t even know the depth of my emptiness until I was deep into the writing process. I discovered answers. Not to every detail, but to foundational issues. I share my discoveries in my book. We all have our specific stories but healing is universal.

When and why did you decide to write a memoir? And how long did you work on it?
I wanted to write my entire life but never acted on it. In fact, I was discouraged from writing by a mentor who thought I didn’t have anything to say. When my grandson was in the womb, and I knew his father was not going to be in his life, I decided to write my book. My inspiration grew out of my pain from a missing father and my desire to minimize my grandson’s potential pain. I’m sorry to say it took two years. I like to say I drafted ten books on my way to writing one.
You wrote “If only I had a dad” not only to heal your soul but also to help others. Reading the introduction in the Companion Workbook touched me, inspired me and made me feel good about myself and my self-doubts. You say you are here to help others in their personal transformation. Why do you have the desire to help?
I believe our desire to help others is rooted in a very intimate desire to help ourselves. I also believe what you receive in life is never just for you. I give away what is not mine to keep. In the same way, physical therapy proves restorative health, sharing what you have learned, proves what you have obtained is real and builds confidence.

I visited your blog and a quote caught attention: “When my grandson dropped out of heaven I became a man!” This is such a beautiful and hopeful message of Love for your grandson. What do you think why is it that your children didn’t make you become a man but your grandson did?

I make the joke, when the grandkids come along your kids are obsolete. As a grandfather, I am older, wiser, and able to be more deliberate. I understand more about what kids need and how they’re shaped. I was still trying to figure things out, trying to conquer the world, when we were raising our kids. I’m more settled now.
How would you describe yourself today as a father to your children? Did you give them the love and attention that you never had and desperately needed?

I’m very committed to being the father my grown children need. I don’t meddle, at least not too much. I was very affectionate and spent time with my kids when they were growing up. But, I was a driven man, and a bit angry, with unresolved issues from my own childhood. I kept us together and broke the cycle of abandonment. They are productive citizens with caring hearts. My kids ask my advice and want to spend time with me. so, I think we’re in a good place. I still get excited when they call me dad.

Another beautiful quote by you: “We come from Love, we are Love, and we must give Love away. When we don’t understand the power and impact of this foundation, it can be nearly impossible to live a free and abundant life. “  What a beautiful way to see Life. Living in a loveless and selfish world like ours makes one forget the meaning and power of Love. What is your definition of Love in three words? What is your definition of Love in one sentence?
You are worthy! You are worthy of love, abundance, and to be celebrated.

"I believe our desire to help others is rooted in a very intimate desire to help ourselves."
Rick Amitin

Listen Rick, I predict a huge success with your book and I tell you why. I believe there are many readers out there who will relate to your story but also there are many broken souls out there who need to heal. Your book and the companion workbook are so great, that I actually ordered a copy of both as a birthday gift for a family member. My question is where do you see your writing going? Are you working on a second book?

Thank you for that encouragement, Lily. Boy, do I ever hope you are right. I have several books at various points of development. I wrote a number of poems during the writing of “If Only Had A Dad.” I’m considering doing a short Poetry Book. Titles are subject to change, as we all know, but right now I want to write a book called “Altared” dealing with my journey through religion into spirituality.

You live in beautiful San Francisco. I imagine offering seminars to help others is a fantastic way of interacting with you readers. Are there any specific plans or dates in 2017? Can you imagine doing a Book tour in Europe?

I’m working to put together a platform for online classes, a private group environment where it’s safe to talk about real issues, and build a community that will support personal empowerment. I hope to get it all done and still have time to develop some workshops and speaking engagements this year. I would love to tour Europe.

Now that you see yourself as completely healed what wishes, goals and desires do you have for your writing and personal future?
I don’t see myself as either unique or special. What kept me chained to dysfunction and self-destructive patterns were the lies I believed and the wrong stories I mentally wrote about my life events. We are all very much the same when it comes to handling trauma, especially early traumatic events, like rejection or abandonment. We are a heck of a lot closer to abundant living than we realize. What it takes is a willingness to rewrite our stories to give a more accurate accounting of our personal truths.

Now last but not least I need you to give me some quick answers:

YOUR DESIRE: I want every person to know they are worthy of the best life possible.
YOUR ADVICE: If you want to write, then start writing, and never stop.

YOUR GENRES: I read inspiration, memoirs, and personal transformation and do my best to support others.

YOUR QUOTE: Follow your passion, purpose will find you, and clarity will give you a home – Rick Amitin
YOUR FAVORITE AUTHOR: Wayne Dyer – The Power of Intention

Rick it is a pleasure to have you as my first Inspirational Interview partner in 2017 on my blog. I wish you the best of luck with your memoir. I know your story will heal and help many readers around the world. I hope you will be so successful that you can translate your memoir into other languages. And when you become a bestselling Author please don’t forget Lily! :-)

My pleasure, Lily. And, thanks for having me. I think you are quite wonderful and generous. My desire is for all your dreams to come true. You are worthy of a rich, rewarding, and abundant life! Rick

Get the Workbook free for a limited time at:

Copyright pictures. Thank you @Rick


History reloaded – Best of Lily Amis Blog 2015


In 2015 during the refugee crises in Europe I was very active on Twitter and published a lot about my own experience as a war refugee back in the 80es and my view about the refugee's misery of today, three decades later. Then in February 2017, I published all my posts from 2015 until 2016 in one book as "History reloaded, Shit happens...", which you can get in print and read as an ebook on Amazon!

Book description:

“HISTORY RELOADED” is a collection of post-series, by multi-genre author & blogger, Lily Amis. Lily started to blog in 2015 when the refugee crisis hit Europe. She was about to promote her memoir, “Destination: Freedom”, which is about her own experience as a child, war-refugee in the eighties. The collection of posts includes her thoughts and interviews during the refugee crisis, with British newspapers and female magazines such as The Mirror, Female First, and Frost Magazine. Lily’s views on all the mess that is ruling our selfish and superficial society of today are personal and honest. War history, discrimination, racism, the Calais jungle, The Paris attacks, the crises in Syria, Afghanistan, and Aleppo are all covered. The shock with Brexit, the American Presidential Election of 2016, and finally the new United States President are just a few of the topics that made shocking history!

February 02, 2017

Meet American Author Carol Ann Kauffman

Author name: Carol Ann Kauffman
Genres: Romantic Adventure, Contemporary Women’s Fiction, Mystery, Soft Sci-Fi, Mystery, Time Travel
Country:  USA
Official Website:

Meet American Author Carol Ann Kauffman, the author of sixteen books to date, from short stories to full-length novels. Her novels are classified as romantic action adventures with a sci-fi/ fantasy twist, and mysteries. She is a retired teacher in Ohio, where she taught for thirty-five years. Carol loves to travel; her favorite places Italy and Aruba, show up in her novels quite a bit.

Her latest book is:
BENTLEY SQUARE",  Strangers meet on the train. She, a beautiful, wealthy businesswoman. He, a down on his luck office manager. They have nothing in common. And yet, they are drawn to each other with an undeniable hypnotic magnetism. This is the story of Rebecca Robbins, daughter of one of the wealthiest men in the country and Mark Ramsay, a man shrouded in dark mystery and hiding in the shadows from death squads amid international intrigue.

Carol when did you first start writing? Was being a writer something you always aspired to be?
I always wrote. I wrote as a child. My first college major was writing before I switched to Education when I realized you have to support yourself. I began writing in earnest after I retired from teaching.

What would you like to achieve as an Author?
I feel better when writing is part of my day. I am calmer. My thought processes are clearer. I do this for me first, then if anybody likes what I’ve written, I am just thrilled.
Carol what is your best advice based on your own experiences so far to other Authors?
Write every day. Start with short stories and find a publishing company that specializes in shorts. Have two or three projects going at the same time. Do not give up or give in to indifference or criticism from the outside and silence that nasty internal voice that suggests or screams that you should quit.
What genres do you read and review to support your fellow Authors?
I read about thirty books a month. I read everything except stuff that would give me nightmares, because I like to sleep at night. So, no vampires, zombies, werewolves, S&M, gory or bloody stories about psyche killers.
Wow thirty books! Amazing, good for you. Last but not least I need a quote by you or your Life motto?  
“She thought she could, so she did.”
Love it Carol! It’s really true. When we want to achieve something we have to go for it. Carol thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I wish you the best of luck for the future. Keep up the good work! Lovely to have you here on my blog.
Lots of love, Lily

A LIST OF ALL BOOKS BY CAROL until today 2017
FULL LENGTH NOVELS in Caps & Short Stories in regular print.
Waiting for Richard
Echo of Heartbreak: A Recipe for Life, Madison’s Christmas
A Dilemma for Daisy
Christmas at Star Lake
I Need Christmas
January Black Ice
February White Lies
March Blues
Through the Darkness: Stories of Hope (A Woman Named Hope)
April Yellow Moon


Copyright Book covers: Carol Ann Kauffman