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August 14, 2016

A massive “THANK YOU”

A massive “THANK YOU”
to all my Inspirational Interview personalities from 2016

My dear interview partners when I decided to do a series of “Q&A Interview with inspirational personalities” from Book, Music, Film and the Entertainment  Industry, I had absolutely no idea if I would actually find talented authors, musician, actors, and artists who would agree to participate.
The idea for the series was born when the talented American Fiction Author Bibiana Krall @Bibiana1Krall asked me if I would read her book and write a review about it. As you can imagine for an Author getting reviews is extremely important and helpful. But when I read her book I was so fascinated and I had so many questions at her that I thought I have to do an interview with her to make her stand out for her hard work. So thank you for the inspiration dearest Bibiana. You are amazing!
Thankfully other talented personalities such as Author Trevor Pacelli @PacelliTrevor, Singer James Kennedy @jameskennedyUK, Singer James Sayer @jamesSayermusic, Actor Kevin Leslie @TheKevinLeslieAuthor Annelisa Christensen @Alpha_Annelisa. Actor Guy Potter @guypotter_ Author & Muscial Producer Wlliam Evans @wgevans, Childrensbook Author Jessica Snape @jsnapebooks, Artist Michael Alvarez @11_alv and Singer, Songwriter & Actor Carl Lindquist @Carl_Lindquist joined the ride and I hope you enjoyed the process as much as I did. It was a real pleasure to meet you. Without you guys this journey would not have been so fun and successful.
I want to THANK EACH ONE OF YOU for being part of this exciting and inspiring journey with your honest, open, and personal answers. You are truly awesome! You not only inspired me and my blog visitors but also touched me and encouraged me to continue my work as a blogger & Author. God bless each one of you. I hope we stay in contact and you keep me posted with your work. With most of you I'm regularly in contact and will be more than happy to feature your future projects. 

My best wishes for your personal and professional future. A big Hug & 1000 kisses. God bless you all. Lily Amis xxx

Here are some interesting facts about the “Q&A Interview with inspirational personalities” series from 2016.
How many personalities were featured in 2016: 11
How many Authors? 5
How many Musicians? 3
How many Actors? 3
How many Artists? 1
How many females? 4
How many males? 9
My inspirational personalities were from: USA, UK, Wales and Sweden
The longest interview was with:  Singer & Actor Carl Lindquist
The most challenging interview (for me) was with:  Author Annelisa Christensen

The most visited Interviews:
Check out my “TOP 10 List” on the right side of my blog. It changes from week to week. Until now the most visited ones have been my interviews with American Fiction Author Bibiana Krall and Welsh singer James Kennedy.
YOUR INTERVIEWS (in calender order)
I don't know how you see it, but collecting your own interviews is a good thing. In a few years from now when you look at your answers you will realize how you have changed or not and if your plans worked out the way you wished. :-)

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