July 29, 2016

Q&A Interview with American Author Rick Amitin

Each one of us has a story to tell and everyone we meet is fighting a battle we know nothing about. This section “The Q & A Interview with inspiring people” is dedicated to exceptional personalities, who either have something to educate us or to inspire us.

Today I want you to meet American Author Rick Amitin. He has recently published his memoir IF ONLY I HAD A DAD - Finding Freedom From Fatherlessness (My journey to discover me) and the Companion Workbook (Your journey to discover you).  I had the honor to talk to him about this beautifully written book and his desire to help his readers to heal.
Ricks Social Media Contacts
NAME: Rick Amitin
GENRE: Memoir/ Inspiration/Personal Transformation
: www.RickAmitin.com
TWITTER: @RickAmitin
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/RickAmitin

Rick welcome to my blog series “Interview with Inspirational people”. I chose your memoir “If only I had a dad” to kick off my blog series 2017, because your book is very close to my heart.

I always believe that people meet for a reason, despite distance, age and life stories. You and I met on Facebook.  And I had no clue about your life neither about your book that was published just recently in December 2016.

I haven’t read your whole book yet, but it is on my to-read list! I read the Companion Workbook though. And trust me it couldn’t be on a more appropriate time than now, where I myself was looking for my father’s love in the past two years, only to be rejected again! Ok, let’s start the interview.

Rick, please tell me a little about yourself and your professional background?
I grew up in a small town in northern Indiana. Joined the military at an early age. I became a barber while pursuing ministry. Travelled for several years, speaking around the world, and pastoring churches. Eventually I built a multimillion dollar insurance business in Los Angeles. I took some time out to find myself in writing and speaking.
I read on your Author biography that you see yourself as a product of broken home(s). Because you were abandoned by your father and had three step-fathers by the time you were nine years old. I know how it feels like to have a step-father. I think this deep scar never heals. Would you say writing about your painful experiences helped your scars to heal?
Writing my book is the most healing I have ever experienced. I didn’t even know the depth of my emptiness until I was deep into the writing process. I discovered answers. Not to every detail, but to foundational issues. I share my discoveries in my book. We all have our specific stories but healing is universal.

When and why did you decide to write a memoir? And how long did you work on it?
I wanted to write my entire life but never acted on it. In fact, I was discouraged from writing by a mentor who thought I didn’t have anything to say. When my grandson was in the womb, and I knew his father was not going to be in his life, I decided to write my book. My inspiration grew out of my pain from a missing father and my desire to minimize my grandson’s potential pain. I’m sorry to say it took two years. I like to say I drafted ten books on my way to writing one.
You wrote “If only I had a dad” not only to heal your soul but also to help others. Reading the introduction in the Companion Workbook touched me, inspired me and made me feel good about myself and my self-doubts. You say you are here to help others in their personal transformation. Why do you have the desire to help?
I believe our desire to help others is rooted in a very intimate desire to help ourselves. I also believe what you receive in life is never just for you. I give away what is not mine to keep. In the same way, physical therapy proves restorative health, sharing what you have learned, proves what you have obtained is real and builds confidence.

I visited your blog https://rickamitin.com and a quote caught attention: “When my grandson dropped out of heaven I became a man!” This is such a beautiful and hopeful message of Love for your grandson. What do you think why is it that your children didn’t make you become a man but your grandson did?

I make the joke, when the grandkids come along your kids are obsolete. As a grandfather, I am older, wiser, and able to be more deliberate. I understand more about what kids need and how they’re shaped. I was still trying to figure things out, trying to conquer the world, when we were raising our kids. I’m more settled now.
How would you describe yourself today as a father to your children? Did you give them the love and attention that you never had and desperately needed?

I’m very committed to being the father my grown children need. I don’t meddle, at least not too much. I was very affectionate and spent time with my kids when they were growing up. But, I was a driven man, and a bit angry, with unresolved issues from my own childhood. I kept us together and broke the cycle of abandonment. They are productive citizens with caring hearts. My kids ask my advice and want to spend time with me. so, I think we’re in a good place. I still get excited when they call me dad.

Another beautiful quote by you: “We come from Love, we are Love, and we must give Love away. When we don’t understand the power and impact of this foundation, it can be nearly impossible to live a free and abundant life. “  What a beautiful way to see Life. Living in a loveless and selfish world like ours makes one forget the meaning and power of Love. What is your definition of Love in three words? What is your definition of Love in one sentence?
You are worthy! You are worthy of love, abundance, and to be celebrated.

"I believe our desire to help others is rooted in a very intimate desire to help ourselves."
Rick Amitin

Listen Rick, I predict a huge success with your book and I tell you why. I believe there are many readers out there who will relate to your story but also there are many broken souls out there who need to heal. Your book and the companion workbook are so great, that I actually ordered a copy of both as a birthday gift for a family member. My question is where do you see your writing going? Are you working on a second book?

Thank you for that encouragement, Lily. Boy, do I ever hope you are right. I have several books at various points of development. I wrote a number of poems during the writing of “If Only Had A Dad.” I’m considering doing a short Poetry Book. Titles are subject to change, as we all know, but right now I want to write a book called “Altared” dealing with my journey through religion into spirituality.

You live in beautiful San Francisco. I imagine offering seminars to help others is a fantastic way of interacting with you readers. Are there any specific plans or dates in 2017? Can you imagine doing a Book tour in Europe?

I’m working to put together a platform for online classes, a private group environment where it’s safe to talk about real issues, and build a community that will support personal empowerment. I hope to get it all done and still have time to develop some workshops and speaking engagements this year. I would love to tour Europe.

Now that you see yourself as completely healed what wishes, goals and desires do you have for your writing and personal future?
I don’t see myself as either unique or special. What kept me chained to dysfunction and self-destructive patterns were the lies I believed and the wrong stories I mentally wrote about my life events. We are all very much the same when it comes to handling trauma, especially early traumatic events, like rejection or abandonment. We are a heck of a lot closer to abundant living than we realize. What it takes is a willingness to rewrite our stories to give a more accurate accounting of our personal truths.

Now last but not least I need you to give me some quick answers:

YOUR DESIRE: I want every person to know they are worthy of the best life possible.
YOUR ADVICE: If you want to write, then start writing, and never stop.

YOUR GENRES: I read inspiration, memoirs, and personal transformation and do my best to support others.

YOUR QUOTE: Follow your passion, purpose will find you, and clarity will give you a home – Rick Amitin
YOUR FAVORITE AUTHOR: Wayne Dyer – The Power of Intention

Rick it is a pleasure to have you as my first Inspirational Interview partner in 2017 on my blog. I wish you the best of luck with your memoir. I know your story will heal and help many readers around the world. I hope you will be so successful that you can translate your memoir into other languages. And when you become a bestselling Author please don’t forget Lily! :-)

My pleasure, Lily. And, thanks for having me. I think you are quite wonderful and generous. My desire is for all your dreams to come true. You are worthy of a rich, rewarding, and abundant life! Rick

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July 27, 2016

Q&A Interview with Swedish Singer, songwriter and actor Carl Lindquist

Each one of us has a story to tell and everyone we meet is fighting a battle we know nothing about. This section “The Q & A Interview with inspiring people” is dedicated to exceptional personalities, who either have something to educate us or to inspire us.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind, when you think about Sweden or Swedish music? What prejudices do you have towards the Swedish weather? Well brands like IKEA and H&M rule the world. And music wise ABBA and Roxette are the first names that I immediately think of. And of course worldwide known songs by Britney Spears, N’Sync and the Backstreet boys written and produced by talented Swedish songwriters.

And when it comes to the weather, I picture a dark, cloudy and unpleasant winter where some of the places even only have just a few hours of daylight. But trust me this is not all what Sweden has to offer. If you think you know everything about good Swedish music, well you don’t! If you think Sweden means dark and unpleasant, you haven’t met my inspirational interview personality yet!

Today I want you to meet the talented Swedish Singer, songwriter and actor Carl Lindquist.  He’s a sunshine that lights up any darkness with his smile, charisma and undeniable talent immediately. Remember his name, because I have no doubt that Carl Lindquist is about to become a Worldwide-Swedish export as well.

Carl is such an inspiring and multi-talented personality that I struggled with minimizing my questions. Carl being devoted to Sport played for the Swedish Basketball National Youth Team, competing in three European Championships, and played professionally for a few years, before he was forced to stop playing basketball because of a knee injury.

You can find out more about his successful sport career as a Swedish National Basketball Team player before he got into music by watching the documentary “Living the dream” at the end of this interview.

Carl takes us on a journey and shares his story as a sportsman. It might sound selfish, but as hard as it must have been for him to give up Sport, for us who now enjoy his voice as a performer it is a blessing.
 “My biggest dream was unexpectedly taken away from me but Music became my savior.”
Carl Lindquist
Carl being devoted to Sport is completely another story than being devoted to music and entertainment. The way you are being physically and mentally challenged in Sport is different than being challenged in Entertainment. You also work with totally different kind of people. How did you manage to adjust to the new world? And if you could turn back the time would you have done anything different? Or are you happy (from the bottom of your heart) with your current life as a stage performer?

I know that everything is relative, but this was really hard for me since basketball was my biggest passion, and it was the only thing I wanted to do at the time. My biggest dream was unexpectedly taken away from me because of the injury. After spending countless of hours in the gym since the age of nine, working hard on becoming the best player I could be my dream just disappeared in the blink of an eye. It was really tough to adjust at first, but thanks to my music I was able to move on. Music became my savior. Looking back at it now, I do still miss the game but I’m very happy with my current life and what I’m doing now. But I’m quite sure if I hadn’t been injured I would have continued to play basketball. I love the game.
Well it seems as destiny had other plans with you. Carl as a live performer on stage every night you can’t just make it with a good voice. You need to have the discipline, ambition, personality and likeability to be successful. You are blessed with all. What other gifts and talents have you got? What would have become of you, if you had not decided to work with your powerful strong voice professionally and share your talent with the world?
First of all, thank you for your kind words! Well I would have loved to work as a chef, because I love to cook when I have some free time. I do think being a police officer is really cool too!
You were born and raised in Stockholm in a musical environment: your family. So where did you get your gen? From mom or from dad? What do they think about your incredible successful journey so far?
Both my parents are musical, so they have both inspired me. My mum used to sing, and she plays some guitar as well. My dad is like a “living music dictionary”! He knows so much about music history and we can sit for hours and just talk about different artists and bands. I know that they are proud, and they have always supported me in whatever I do. It means the world to me. I love them very much.

A "living music dictionary"? I see, your father sound like a potential inspirational interview partner for my blog series! :-) Now back to you: After visiting the leading school of Performing Arts in Scandinavia Kulturama (with focus on Vocal: Jazz/Rock/Soul) you decided to visit the American Musical Theatre Academy in London. Why London and not New York? What was the most challenging lesson during your educational-journey?
I do love New York and I would love to live there one day, but I’ve always wanted to live in London as well. I wanted to pursue my dream in musical theatre, and therefore the decision of moving from Stockholm to London was quite easy, but I knew that it would be a big challenge for me. Though I was very excited about it all, and I’m very happy now that I took that step. I would probably say that the most challenging lessons for me were the dance lessons we had at the American Musical Theatre Academy (AMTA), because I’m not a dancer at all.
At the one-year Academic program in London you focused on subjects like audition techniques, character analysis, dance, casting workshops, speech/dialects/accents and of course acting and voice training etc. What was your favorite subject of all and why?
My favorite subject was the acting lessons, and we had quite a few every week. I loved that! I’m singer first and foremost, but I’ve always loved to act. There is something really special about musical theatre, since you get to sing, but you also need to act. It’s storytelling, and I’ve always found that very interesting. It’s also great fun to play different characters.

As a singer, actor, player of guitar and piano and songwriter you work on various projects around the world. What has been so far the most exciting and memorable project of all and why?
That’s a tough question! All the projects I’ve been involved with have been real fun, but if I have to pick one then I have to say my collaboration with VRA! from Brazil. Together we recorded a cover of the Dream Theater song, “As I Am” and it had a lot of success on YouTube. We were even mentioned on National Brazilian TV. It was very exciting! The video has now over 600 000+ views! If you want to check it out, click on this link:
How can you stay focused, committed and passionate while being involved in so many different projects? Tell me where do you get your energy? Do you ever sleep? Are you human or from another galaxy? :-)
I’m very passionate in everything I do, and I love to do a lot of different things. It always keeps me inspired as well. I love to work! I’m a human for sure… Though a few more hours of sleep every night would be nice!
I wonder if you ever get nervous. How do you manage to stand out at auditions and not be forgettable? And once you have the “dream” role where do you get your confidence to perform live in front of an audience?  Do you ever doubt yourself?
I’m still always a bit nervous before I go into the audition room or on stage, but once I start to sing and perform it all goes away. I don’t really doubt myself. I know what I can do, and what I can’t do, and therefore feel quite confident. So whenever I go on stage I usually feel relaxed and I can then enjoy my time on stage so much more.
“In regards to recent events and a dream that we should all share and strive towards, we need to love more, hate less and work towards a brighter and lighter future.”
Carl Lindquist

Jesus Christ Superstar (The Musical)

Jesus Christ Superstar (The Musical)
You have been on UK and European tours with musicals such as “Jesus Christ Superstar” by the master of Musical Mister Andrew Lloyd Webber. How exciting was it for you get a role in an Andrew Lloyd Webber production? Did you have the chance to meet him personally?
I was thrilled! Jesus Christ Superstar has always been one of my favorite shows, so to finally be a part of it was really cool, and to also be a part of the official production makes it all even more special. I love the show, the songs, and the cast I worked with was amazing! Lovely and super-talented people! Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to meet Mr. Lloyd Webber, but I hope I will one day.
When you are touring in Europe do you feel a difference between the audience in different cities and cultures? If so which audience was your favorite so far and why?
Yes I do sometimes feel a difference, but I have to say that most of the audiences I’ve performed for have been great and very supportive, no matter if I’m in Sweden, United Kingdom, and Germany or even in France. The most important thing for me is that the audiences get moved in some way or another. I hope that the action on stage triggers them, whether it’s positive or negative, and make them think and reflect about what they’ve just seen and heard on stage.

When you are touring with a group of other talented artists like yourself can you actually have a private Life? Can you ever relax and have a moment for yourself and your soul? If so what is your guilty pleasure? What makes Carl happy?
I do have a private life! Even though I’m working all the time, I try to take some time off every now and then. Like I said before, I love to cook so if I have some free time I always do that. I love to play guitar, play video games, watch movies and TV-series as well. It really helps me to relax. I love spending time with my family and friends, and I’m happy as long as they are happy. That’s the most important thing for me. 
Having a job like yours, means basically you have to function 24/7, 365 days in year. You can’t allow yourself to get sick, because many people rely on you: your team and the audience. How do you take care of yourself, your voice and your health?
The key for me is to eat well, exercise when I can, drink a lot of water, eat a lot vitamins, and to sleep a lot. I always do a warm-up for my voice every morning, and I start drinking water as soon as I wake up. You want to stay hydrated all day long, especially if you have a show in the evening.

Sounds good Carl! Many people would think that being you is a dream come true. You live a desirable Life. You get to meet so many interesting people and visit exciting new places. Would you say that is true or that not everything that shines is actually gold?
I love my life and I’m very grateful that I’m able to do the things I love for a living. But it’s a lot of hard work, because as you mentioned, it’s a real 24/7 job, and it includes a lot of travelling, late working hours etc. It’s demanding, but very exciting at the same time. I love it, and I wouldn’t change it for anything else.

Carl happy in his second home: London
You were born and raised in Stockholm. Now you live in London. But most of the time you live off the suitcase. Isn’t it extremely hard to spend every week in another city, in another hotel? Don’t you ever miss home and normality? Most importantly where is your home? Stockholm or London?
Stockholm will always be my home. That’s where I’m born and raised, but London has become like my 2nd home now. I spend most of my time here because of my work. When I’m on the road, I always miss my family and friends of course, but I really love being on tour. I love to visit new places, meet new people and to explore new territories.

As a solo artist you have released your first rock/pop solo EP entitled, “End of Our Road” in May 2012. In 2013, you signed a publishing deal with SESAC, one of three biggest performing rights organizations in the US. Joining the team of artists like Bob Dylan, Neil Diamond, Rush, Mariah Carey and many others. Now you are working on your second album where you also write your own song lyrics about nature, mankind, various feelings and issues. Your songs are always deep and meaningful. What can we expect from your upcoming album? Ballads or Up-tempo? What style of music? Pop or Rock? Do you know the title of your album? Will you dedicate it to someone special?
My debut solo album will be a singer-songwriter/acoustic album with a lot of rock/pop elements, and I think there will be something for every one on this record. There will be ballads, up-tempo songs, catchy choruses and melodies. The title of the album is not yet decided, but it will be very soon, and I may dedicate the album to someone special, we’ll see. I’m very excited about it all, and I can’t wait to share the album with the world!
As if that’s not enough you also have released the album “Flow” and as the Vocalist of the French/Swedish metal band Coexistence. Now you are working on the second album "Everlasting Scars" which will also be released this year. What can we expect from the new Album? Will you be touring with the band?
Yes, “Everlasting Scars” is already finished and it will go into pressing this summer, with a release in Sep/Oct. Our debut album “Flow” received great reviews and feedback all around the world, so we are excited to see what the fans thinks about “Everlasting Scars”. The album has a great story line to it, and all the songs can be connected to the album title. Tony Lindgren at the famous Fascination Street Studios in Örebro, Sweden brilliantly mastered it. This will be our most anticipated album so far. Once the record is released we will start booking new shows to promote the album, and we hope to hit the road very soon!
Carl in Theater 11 Zurich in 2016
Carl by the Zurich Lake in 2016
I know that you have been in Switzerland with “Jesus Christ Superstar”. People outside of Europe always mix up Swiss and Sweden. Now that you have spent time in Zurich what would you say is the biggest difference between the two countries? And what do the cities have in common?
Yes, I know! But after spending some time in Zürich I have to say that I can see some similarities. The city itself reminds me of Old Street (Gamla Stan) in Stockholm. Zürich is surrounded by water, as is Stockholm. People are lovely, and Swedes are usually very social and outgoing. I really like Zürich; it’s a beautiful city! I would say that the biggest difference (of course) is that we don’t speak the same language!

Watch out! Memorize this name: Carl Lindquist is the NEXT International Swedish Export
I have never been in Sweden and unfortunately I don’t know much about your country. All I know is that the Swedish people are beautiful and friendly. So if you were my city Tour guide what would you show me from your hometown?
A must see when you go to Stockholm is Old Street, or Gamla Stan as we say in Sweden. It’s a beautiful area with interesting architecture and many great restaurants and shops. Djurgården is a small island in the heart of the city, and another lovely place you have to visit. There you will find Skansen, an open-air museum and zoo, Gröna Lund, Stockholm’s biggest amusement park, and Rosendals Garden, a gorgeous little place where you also can have some Swedish “Fika” (coffee and cinnamon bun, or something else!) That’s just a few things I would recommend visiting, but there is so much else to see as well!
Imagine you had to do a private performance next week at the same date. For which one of these clients would you liked to be booked and why?
A private performance at the White House in Washington D.C?
A private performance at the Swedish Royal Family’s palace?
A private performance at Buckingham Palace in front the British Royal family including the Queen? 

Wow, that's a tough question! It would be a real honor to perform in front of all of them of course, and if I could make it all work; I would have wished to be booked for all three of them. But if I had to choose just one, I would pick the White House in Washington D.C. I mean to perform in front of the President of the United States that would just be really cool and surreal at the same time. It would truly be a great honor. President Obama seems to be a lovely man as well!

He surely is. Me and Obama we have our birthday on the same day. :-) Carl if I was an Angel and would ask you right now and right here, what is your biggest professional or personal dream, desire, goal or wish. What would it be? For example is there any desirable role in a musical production that you would like to play? I could see you in my favourite Musical “The Phantom of the Opera” as the Phantom himself. 
I’ve always had a lot of dreams, and new dreams keep coming up. And yes, I would love to play “Phantom” one day, since “The Phantom of the Opera” is one of my favorite shows, and it was this show that really inspired me to pursue a dream in musical theatre, after seeing the show on Broadway many years ago. But there are many roles I would love to play, and other shows I would love be a part of.

Another dream of mine is to do a big tour all around the world with my debut solo album. I really hope people will enjoy my album, as much as I enjoyed making it. In regards to recent events and a dream that we should all share and strive towards, we need to love more, hate less and work towards a brighter and lighter future.

Carl your wish is my command! :-) No seriously, I really would love to see you perform as the Phantom. I can imagine that you make many women fall in love with you just by listening to your voice. :-) I’m also pretty sure that you have broken many hearts. :-) I ask all my inspirational interview partners these two last questions. What is your definition of Love in three words? What is your definition of Love in one sentence? 
Friendship / Passion / Respect
Love is Love

Carl thank you very much for taking the time to answer all my questions. I wish you the best of luck with your upcoming album and of course with your acting and musical career. I look forward to see you perform live on stage, hopefully very soon. God bless you and your loved ones, Lily Amis

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Source Pictures: Many thanks at Carl Lindquist