October 28, 2015

Lilys love and hate relationship with Socialmedia!

Lily how do you reach your target audience? What is your opinion about Social media? Facebook? Twitter and blogging?

I find the creative phase of writing the most joyful and convenient phase. The marketing however, I find enormously stressful. Fact is the hard work starts after you have published your book. Unfortunately absolutely nothing happens, unless you promote your book. Your product is just one of millions on Amazon.

My opinion about Facebook: I don’t see  Socialmedia as an advantage. I see it more as a major challenge.

Honestly I’m not and never was a fan of FB. For me FB is another word for bullying. A time-sucker - waste of precious lifetime!

It is a platform where people show off, pretend to be someone that there not. Pretend to live an awesome happy life and being in a perfectly loving relationship etc. For example I see pictures of couples, where I know that one of the partners is a cheater and it is just ridiculous to see “pretended-happiness-pics” of these couples. I feel ashamed for the partner, who's absolutely clueless. Another huge problem is that people create false profiles and toy with peoples feelings with meaningless words and lies! Have you ever heard about CatfishingAlso Life is too precious to waste it on spying on people’s life’s and privacy, which sadly many FB users do as a fulltime-hobby.

I have an account, but just to present my books. I no longer use it for connecting with people due to personal negative experiences with so called blood-related Family and so called friends! I protect myself from more disappointments and rejections because it is just too hurtful for my heart and soul. I actually write about this topic in my third book of my trilogy “Definition of Love”.

I used Facebook-Ads to promote my books and I wish I haven’t done it. Because it was just wasted money for nothing in return.

My opinion about Twitter: I was very skeptical about it first. But when I started my PR Campaign for my first book “Destination: Freedom”, I was advised to use Twitter by my Publicist. And I’m actually positively surprised. Not only do I get the latest World News, but I also connect with people who don’t show off or pretend to be something that there not like on FB. They either using Twitter for product promotion or to connect with people with the same interests.

For artists, musicians and writers I find it very helpful. I use it almost daily and have found interesting people around the world, which I would never meet in real Life. They are from everywhere: USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa and so on and still we’re in touch like we’re neighbors.  

I also used Twitter Ads to promote my books and wouldn’t really advice other Indie-Authors to do it. For me it was again waste of money. There are companies who are specialized in promoting Books of Indie-Authors on Twitter and they promise you allot in advance. But in reality there is no guarantee. The only guarantee is that they make money with you.

Therefore I would say you can’t and shouldn’t just rely on Socialmedia. You need to work with professionals in PR and Marketing. And finding the right, experienced and trustable Agency is not easy at all. You have to invest time for research and obtain quotes. At the end you have to listen to your heart and pray for the best! And still you don't have 100%guarantee that your pr-campaign works out. Luck is the magic word that everyone of us in Life needs regardless of what project we're working on.

My opinion about Blogs: I have just started with this blog here. But I already love it. I can share my thoughts, opinion and experiences with the world and it is kind of a diary for me and for my readers & loyal followers on Twitter @nassimadesign

My opinion about Instagram and all other socilmedia platforms in general:
Time-sucker & perfect for people who like to show off. But of course NO OFFENCE, that's only my personal opinion!

October 24, 2015

Angel of Hope & Lily is out now!

The script for Angel of Hope & Lily was written between September 2014 and February 2015. The idea to involve Mr. Jac Couture’s character in my story was born on September 4. We started the first sketches in January 2015 and the making of process of the Illustrations was fun for both of us and here we go. 
The colorful book is available on Amazon in English & German!