March 11, 2023

I’m not a YoYo!

Being an indie author is hard but being an indie lyricist is even harder. Why? I tell you why. I never thought that there are so many corrupt people out there who take advantage of passionate, enthusiastic, hopeful, but unfortunately also clueless and naive indie artists.

While I’m writing and publishing books since 2014, my journey as an Indie lyricist only started a year ago. I write song lyrics for over a decade though and was fortunate to release songs for the first time in 2022 thanks to my feat. Artist Thir13een.

I love and enjoy the creative process of writing lyrics but I do not enjoy the marketing and admin process. Why? Because of corrupt Digital Marketers and social media! These people show ZERO respect for artists' time, energy, investment, love, devotion, and passion.

And THIS BLOG POST is especially for those who send me DM and emails with their FAKE and SCAM services!

FYI: Not all artists are looking for FAKE fame and fortune. Most indie artists just want to leave a legacy by creating something creative, special, meaningful, and timeless. My main goal with my books and songs is AWARENESS. 

I hope that every single person who reads my books or listens to my song lyrics finds inspiration, is encouraged or is empowered. That’s my goal and the most precious and priceless affirmation and recognition! That’s what REAL ARTISTS need.

I’m, not a YoYo and I’m not a chess figure. So to all the Digital Marketers out there, you can't fool me with your Scam services. I don’t need:

- Fake IG followers, Likes, and comments!

- Fake YouTube views, likes, and comments!

- Fake streams (BOTS)

BOTS are nothing but an insult and a waste of time for artists. No serious artist in the world needs corrupt services like yours! 

Emails and DM on IG, FB, and Twitter will be deleted and your account will be blocked! Seriously, find a serious job and STOP wasting serious artists' time! 


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