March 17, 2023

When radio stations play with artists like a YOYO!

As I wrote in my previous blog post “IM NOT A YOYO!” Never was, never will be!!! And just when you think you have seen it all, you realize NO you haven’t. 

As I wrote in my post, I really enjoy the creative process of writing song lyrics but I don’t enjoy the marketing because of corrupt Digital Marketers who only toy with artists by selling fake services with fake followers, fake streams (BOTS), and so on!

The other day I discovered a great music platform where you can contact professional people from the industry and introduce your music and hope for their support. You can contact global playlist curators, radio stations, and much more. So I made the time to take a closer look and have contacted just a few!

And Im happy and excited to say, that so far I made more positive experiences than negative ones. “YoYo & Chess” made it to a playlist and it also got a radio play on a French radio station!

And another French radio station sent me the following positive review:

Radio Zone 26: “A very worked track with a mix that highlights the artist well... I like the notes of the production as well as the vocal power which adapts to perfection... The musical structure is rather well mastered ... A piece that deserves to be defended well ...”

BUT GUESS WHAT? They have decided not to support and play the song. One would wonder why? Well, this is the email that I received today after sending a kind THANK YOU email for the review.

“Hello my friend, If I decided not to push the song any further, it's simply that I try to play the people who give me strength. I have recently been able to see your follow on the Instagram network and when you ask me, I notice that you no longer follow me. I take it that it all just has to revolve around you and therefore I think that if I give you strength, I won't get any in return. Here is simply why I did not support your piece a little more.”

So what do we learn from this? Not even radio stations work professionally. Every single radio station that has supported me to this date has been promoted on my blog and all Socials. So much for being insulted as a TAKER and not a GIVER by a stranger who doesn't know anything about me! 

Not supporting an indie artist and a GREAT track because someone unfollowed you on INSTAGRAM sounds very childish and unserious, considering the fact, that I don’t handle all my socials personally. I have someone who takes care of that because Social media is time-consuming and nothing but a waste of precious time, that I don’t have! Having said that, my PA told me that he is actually following their TWITTER account. Well, not for long after receiving this unprofessional email, that's for sure.

So the takeaway from this story is: NOT EVEN RADIO STATIONS WORK PROFESSIONALLY. So don't take any of these decision-makers (curators) seriously. Don't allow anyone to STOP you from achieving your goals. Don't allow anyone to treat you like a YOYO!!!!

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