March 15, 2023

"Ukraine", a beautiful song by Thir13een!

I cannot believe that it's been a year since my song release “80 Million People!” and “Blood is always red!”. While 80 Million People was released only two days before the war outbreak in Ukraine, Blood is always red, was recorded by Thir13een in that week.

It is heartbreaking to witness so much human crime in our time. And a year later nothing has changed. Actually, everything only got worse. The Ukrainian people who were forced to leave their homes and loved ones are now facing incredible challenges and obstacles in foreign countries.

The latest news about their new life in the United Kingdom and other countries such as Germany is shocking. Some of them have become homeless refugees on the streets with no chance to integrate fully because of bureaucratic obstacles.

I'm so proud of my featured artist THIR13EEN for releasing a song, especially for the Ukrainian people. His words are beautiful, deep, and meaningful. Listen and add it to your playlist. 

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