July 16, 2022

HumanityB4Nationality Petition response from Brussels!

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Dear #HumanityB4Nationality Supporter

I have received an answer from Brussels!!!! You can read the letter here on my blog LilyAmis.Blogspot.com:

As expected it is a standard letter where they practically repeat and list all the problems and issues that I have already mentioned in my online petition.

The focus in this letter is mainly on the Ukraine war, while I have started this petition a year ago, months before this new refugee crisis in Europe.

Now I understand why people were negative about signing this petition. I guess I was na├»ve and hopeful for NOTHING! These refugee crises will continue whether we like it or not! Why? Because the people in power are making MONEY with war and destroying countries. They toy with innocent people’s lives and futures and benefit from their misery by gaining low-paid workers for their established and rich countries!

Nevertheless, I’m very grateful that I used my voice on this platform. It opened unexpected doors for me which allows me to continue my mission and be the Voice4Refugees.

Thanks to this petition I have released two songs. “80 Million People!” and “Blood is always red!”. Both songs are available on all streaming platforms.

Thanks to the miracle of music, I have been able to reach more people worldwide with my song lyrics and this is just the beginning. My third song THE STOLEN YEARS, will be released on August 4th! It is inspired by my memoir THE STOLEN YEARS IN ZURICH and a very personal song.

The #HumanityB4Nationality petition may END on www.openpetition.eu with a meaningless response with only copy/pasted empty words, BUT I have also posted this (in German) on the Swiss petition platform “Act Campax, Make Changehappen”. This platform has no expiry date! This means if you want, you can sign the petition there as well and inform your family and friends who care about the plight of refugees and continue to be the voice for the voiceless.

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