August 03, 2021

Music & Memories!

Visit Elizabeth's blog and read my answers! 

One single song brings back so many memories. Nice ones as well as hurtful ones. I was recently invited by the lovely and talented composer and pianist Elizabeth O.S. Chute to do a “Q & A” about my personal view on music for her blog series Passion and Meaning.

Music has always played an important role in my life because of my beloved grandfather. It’s a shame that I never found my passion for playing any instruments. I was always more interested in art and later in writing. Well, we can’t do everything, right?

Answering Elizabeth’s questions brought back some lovely memories and I like to share my very first positive emotions connected with music. The picture here is from my first and second Walkman back in the late 80es. My mum bought me the STEREO one together with the “Euro Top Hits” cassette in Singapore in 1987. I loved every single song, especially the ones from the German duo band Modern Talking. It took a while until I realized that the main singer was actually a man! Still to this date I love Thomas Anders voice.

The second cassette that my mum bought me was “My Fair Lady”. We love the movie and watch it over and over again. Who doesn’t adore Audrey Hepburn, right?

The first cassette that I ever got for myself was from the Australian singer Jason Donovan. And the second cassette was of course “Looking for Freedom” from my childhood hero Davis Hasselhoff. As you see, I still have them all and cherish them even though the two Walkmans don’t work anymore!

I have created a soundtrack list for my memoir readers. You find all the songs on my website under VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR

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