August 05, 2021

Baking for Fun - Happy Birthday to me!

When you are blessed with a talented mother like mine, you feel absolutely no desire to learn anything about cooking and baking. Ever since I remember, my gifted mother made me delicious meals every single day and spoiled me with the most tasteful desserts and cakes. So it is no surprise that I never showed interest in learning any kitchen-related skills at all. But I have found my passion for baking recently, and I have to say, I really enjoy the process of preparing colorful and yummy muffins, tarts, and cakes.

Once you dive into the baking world, there is no ending. There is so much to learn and thanks to Instagram you find many talented bakers, creations, and ideas from around the world. It is such a joyful, creative and happy world, that you just want to be part of it. Thanks to British TV shows such as “The Great British Bake Off and the German TV show ”Sweet & Easy, Enie backt” (IG: @sweetandeasy) I have discovered a new fulfilling and joyful passion besides drawing and writing.

Once you find your passion for the world of baking, you also improve your language skills. All the tools, ingredients, and recipes, plus all the baking and decorating methods and techniques are overwhelming. Buttercream, frosting, Melted chocolate, and ganache, edible flowers, fondant or sugar paste, icing sugar, sprinkles, spreads, meringue, marzipan, and cream become part of your new creative world. The variety of cakes and toppings, flavors, and colors with seasonal fruits, such as berries in the summer and clementines and dried fruits in the winter, are mind-blowing.

And you know what I love the most about baking? You see the result in a short matter of time, and you can look and taste your hard work immediately. I remember the massive cakes my mum made like it was yesterday. She used to bake and design birthday and wedding cakes for bigger parties. Look at the images below.

Celebration cake for August 1st - Swiss National Day
for Swiss Best Selling Artist & his wife's party in Lucerne!

But today we enjoy baking and decorating together, taste- and colorful muffins and tarts. The more we bake, the better we get. Once you start to collect recipes from the internet you also become inventive and design your own personal secret recipes which is also a great feeling of creative achievement.

So if you haven’t thought about baking to this date, we encourage you to try it out and experience the joy and happiness but unfortunately also, the calories that it brings! :-) Visit the next baking store in your area and speak to a professional, get the first ingredients and decorations, and dive into the world of baking! 


Yesterday we celebrated my birthday! 

Look at these gorgeous teddies, that my mum formed.

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