May 01, 2021

The skyscraper rule!

If I live on the first floor and someone throws stones at my windows and insults me, I see it; I hear it and I get upset. It will probably bother me all day long, and I lose an entire precious day.

But if I live on the 10th floor not only don’t the stones reach my windows, I also can’t see or hear that person’s insults. So I assume the person down there wants my attention, I smile, wave friendly, and move on to important issues of my life.

But if I live on the 30th floor, I don’t even take notice of the person down there. I just enjoy the beautiful view.

So what is my conclusion? If we don’t distance ourselves from negative people their issues become big issues for us. It’s wise to distance yourself from toxic people and don’t pay attention to unimportant issues. Learn to ignore them. We have to grow and don’t let anyone ruin our precious day and life, not today, not tomorrow, not ever! 


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