May 20, 2021

Have you met my Ambassadors?


One of the most important parts of writing is research and preparation. I have always been a city girl and unfortunately never had the opportunity to take care of a dog. Usually, when you live in city apartments you are not allowed to keep pets, which is understandable. Animals need their space and freedom. I actually think it is kind of selfish and thoughtless of humans to lock animals in flats unless it is a super tiny little creature.

I also don’t know anyone who has a dog. So my source of research for my adorable dog characters, my Lily4Refugees Ambassadors have been TV shows about dog trainings. It is fascinating to watch and learn about their behavior and their way of communication with us humans.

If I ever had the chance to take care of a dog, I would surely take a training class and learn the skills from professionals. Not doing so is like having foreign guests at your house with whom you can’t communicate in their mother language. It would be difficult and uncomfortable for both sides not to be able to understand each other’s needs.

One of the best-known international dog behaviorists is Cesar Millan (IG: cesarsway). And I really enjoy watching his shows. I already learned so much from his skills. Another guy is the German dog trainer André Vogt (IG: andre.vogt_derwelpentrainer) and German TV host and author Jochen Bendel (IG: jochenbendel). These three TV shows have been a massive help for developing my dog stories.

So I like to use this opportunity to thank these three amazingly gifted and lovely dog and human educators for sharing their skills and helping humans to become better friends to their dogs. 

Meanwhile, I have five fabulous and adorable Ambassadors who share their life stories and educate my young and young at heart readers about the importance of education, freedom, and integration. More Ambassadors are born and will be sharing their stories with you very soon.

Lucky was my very first Ambassador. Lovely, Lucie, Lemon, and Leonardo followed in his footsteps and are excited to share their life story with you as well. All ebooks are available in download stores. Lucky’s story is also available as illustrated book in print. You can also read his story in German, Italian, and Spanish. 

The other stories are for now only available in English and German! Enjoy the read. 

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