May 16, 2021

Design your own paradise!

One of the most “annoying side effects” of this horrible and ongoing Covid19 pandemic is that we can’t travel freely anymore. But everyone needs a getaway, even if it is only for a few days. Seeing new places, meeting new people, and making new memories is what life is about. Well, it is what it is! Complaining about something that we can’t change for now is nothing but a waste of time and energy. So what is the solution?

Design your own paradise. Create your own happy place. Find a place for your short getaway, even if it is only in your garage, living room, bathroom, kitchen, garden or balcony. Only you and no one else can design your happy getaway destination.

We love traveling, and we have visited many beautiful places in recent years. Traveling is kind of a self-therapy for our mind, heart, and soul. And one of our favorite destinations has been Italy. We really miss it like crazy. So for this summer, we have designed our own Venice on our balcony. It is our paradise with no hassle about social distancing, face masks, quarantine, and forced vaccination!

We have created a peaceful and romantic place with two beautiful lanterns inspired by our travels to Venice and Paris, gorgeous and colorful flowers, a little herb garden with peppermints, thymes, and rosemaries. We call it our plantation. We love our little B&B cuisine corner and look forward to a hopefully wonderful hot and relaxed summer despite our loss of freedom and all the madness in the world.

So our advice to you is: Find your happy place. Design your own paradise and be happy and grateful for every single day no matter what! Enjoy summer despite the Corona hassle and don’t let anyone or anything bother you. Remember, it’s not worth it. 


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