May 06, 2021

15 years in Lockdown!

FYI: My memoir is available in English, German, Spanish and Italian.

Can you imagine living in lockdown for 15 years? You think I exaggerate. Well, I don’t. We lived for 15 years a similar life as war refugees in the heart of Europe, in Switzerland. We had absolutely no right to a free and independent life in dignity. Freedom was nothing but a meaningless word. A wistful desire even though as we all know -  especially after experiencing the Corona Pandemic, the non-ending lockdowns, the home office, and quarantine rules, etc. for over a year now – being FREE is our birthright and THE most precious and priceless right and gift of all. Ultimate and limitless Freedom is the key to happiness and success in life regardless of age, gender, race, nationality, skin color, religion, and life story.

Today in 2021 million refugees live/survive a helpless and unfortunate life in refugee camps with horrible housing and disgusting sanitation. It is a living nightmare. A meaningless life in misery. Some live like this for decades. Others survive as war refugees in foreign countries around the globe with no or only limited rights and freedom. Unfortunately, privileged people have absolutely no clue what these humans experience. How their rights for freedom are literally flushed down the toilette and their lives wasted and futures are thrown away like cheap and recycled toilet papers. They are being punished and life-sentenced only because of their race and origin.

I recently discovered a fascinating author and Psychologist named Ralph Smart, one of the world’s most famous motivational life coaches on the internet. With over 1.7 million subscribers on Youtube and over 240 million views he is helping people to become their greatest versions, regarding unlocking true human potential and being a limitless being.

In this video that I share here on my blog, Ralph Smart talks about the Pandemic and its negative effects on all of us and how important it is that we stay positive, love ourselves, and don’t let the negative media brainwash destroy our joy for life, living, and hope for the future.

Well in theory, everything sounds much easier. In reality, finding hope while you are stuck in help- and a hopeless situation like the refugees are is almost impossible. And yet, I hope whatever you are going through right now in your personal and professional life, you find this video as inspirational as I do. Always remember that others are going through much harder times with absolutely no hope for a better future at all.

So please stop complaining, stop nagging, stop blaming, just live and be grateful for every single day. Next time you are being negative and ungrateful remember that the refugees are going through the same problems as you do right now, because of the pandemic plus the heartbreaking fact, that they know nobody cares about their misery and no positive thinking in the world can and will fix their misery! Nothing in the world can make them feel alive, because their soul is already dead. Unless a miracle happens and our world and society finally live in peace and harmony. Unless rich and powerful people really care and act selflessly with honesty and empathy!

Ralph Smart has published his debut novel “Tryathon: the love of a galaxy”, a novel taking a glimpse into the potential future, the digital age, where wars are fought through technology. He has also published “Feel Alive”, a great self-help book to help others become their greatest versions, available on Amazon

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