February 16, 2024

Legacy4Humanity ALBUM - 13 Tracks out now!

After the recent mess with my corrupt distributor AMUSE.IO I want to make sure that whatever happens in the future with my NEW distributor, my songs are ALWAYS available for music lovers. 

Therefore, I have released the album LEGACY4HUMANITY, LILY AMIS FEAT. THIR13EEN much earlier than planned. The album is a collection of 13 wonderful tracks that were released since 2022 to this date.  

LEGACY4HUMANITY is a collection of songs (soul, R&B, rap and pop) with deep messages about and for humanity. Inspired by the lack of humanity in our society, own painful and difficult life experiences, challenges, obstacles and struggles. This album is a memoir divided in 13 inspiring, eye-opening and empowering chapters.

Lily Amis and Thir13eens journey began with 80 Million People, a heartfelt dedication to refugees across the globe. This track not only reflects the struggles and resilience of displaced individuals but also serves as a powerful reminder of the human stories behind the statistics. It set the tone for their partnership, one grounded in deep empathy and a desire to make a difference through music.” Review by British A&R and Journalist

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