February 07, 2024

HomeTown - My HOME is my hometown!

My home is my home but my town is not my town. When people ask where am I from or what is my nationality, my answer is I’m a human being. I don’t have a nationality because I don’t have a hometown. I was born in Iran and I grew up in Switzerland, but both countries are not my hometown. My hometown is my apartment of 120 square meters where I feel love and safety. But as soon as I leave my apartment, I feel homeless because there is no love and feeling of belonging in the air. Only people who were forced to live in their birth town understand what I’m talking about.

The reason why I decided to use the German language in my song lyrics for the very first time is that foreigners who live in the German-speaking part of Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg) fully understand and deeply feel what I’m talking about. I always say once a refugee, always a refugee, once a foreigner, always a foreigner. Only those who live in these countries agree without hesitating for a second. Why? Because our history, culture, mentality, values, hospitality, and generosity are nothing like in these parts of European countries. We couldn’t be more different and honestly, it is emotionally exhausting to understand and tolerate the coldness, indifference, rejections, and condescending behavior toward our moral values.

This song is dedicated to anyone who feels lonely and lost in a foreign country, especially the German part of Europe. That’s why I used the German language in the opening Das Gefühl von Heimat, Schutz und Zugehörigkeit ist was ich mir wünsche schon seit einer Ewigkeit, Kann meine Sehnsucht nicht mehr verbergen, will weiter fliegen über alle Berge“ which means: “The feeling of home, safety, and belonging, is what I wish for ages, I can't hide my desire anymore, I want to fly away over all the mountains” and the chorus „Heimat, Heimat, Wo ist meine Heimat?“ which means: “Hometown, Hometown, Where is my Hometown.”

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