September 21, 2023

My Mission on the radio!

As you know from my previous posts, I'm not a fan of music promoters in general. Ever since I joined the journey as a lyricist I have mainly had negative experiences. All these promoters do is sell fake services with BOTS. We are faced with lies and cheats daily in life by the media and people around us, I don't need to deal with this BS in the virtual world as well. 

As you probably know making money with music is no longer as easy as it used to be because of all the changes in the industry. Streaming has changed everything. Even the BIG ARTISTS have to go on tour to make money with concert tickets and merchandise. Living only from streaming is not paying the bills. So the harsh reality is that indie artists are not putting all their love, passion, time, and energy into music production for cash but because of their love for music, the messages that they want to spread, and the legacy that they wish to leave behind. Therefore we are looking for REAL listeners. Fake numbers are not what we need. 

So the the other day, I discovered a music promoter who looked very professional and promising. And I thought hey why not give it a try and book his radio promotion service for Christian/Gospel and NY Radio stations. I saw that he sends screenshots of the work he's doing, so I assumed that he would deliver a perfect and professional service. 

He was supposed to send my latest track, MY MISSION to around 300 radio stations in the USA. When I received his mailing list (screenshots) I made my own list, which was of course time-consuming, but I had to make sure that these contacts were real. But as already guessed the list was incomplete and more than 1/3 of the emails came back. Also, when you see Yahoo and Hotmail email addresses, you can already guess that these are not serious contact persons from radio stations! 

I rejected the delivery and explained why and the promoter cancelled my order right away because he realized that I may be a kind person, but I'm not stupid. Kindness doesn't necessarily mean that you are stupid!

My takeaway from this experience: DON'T ALLOW ANYONE TO TOY WITH YOU LIKE YOYO & CHESS. As an indie writer and artist, I receive daily DM from promoters and marketing specialists but by now I know that you can't trust these people. Most of them are only offering corrupt services! 

Why do I share this experience with you, I'm in shock at how many artists actually fall for this nonsense and those who write 5-star reviews for corrupt services are foolish and naive not to check the screenshots before they review the delivered work. Be aware and protect yourself from scam services! 

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