September 10, 2023

An afternoon at the Art house in Zurich!

Two weeks ago we visited the Art House (Kunsthaus) in the heart of Zurich with not much expectation after our recent visits to the Opera House and the Chocolate Museum. I didn’t have many memories from my school visits to the art house. All I remembered was that I was neither impressed nor inspired. But hey, when we get older we see things differently, so I thought why not give it a go after more than two decades.

The museum opened in 1910 and the new building opposite it which is connected through a beautiful underground tunnel opened in 2020.

The museum's collection includes major works by artists including Claude Monet (several works including an enormous water lily painting), Edvard MunchPablo PicassoJacques Lipchitz, and many talented Swiss artists.

The collections are not only divided into different rooms but also in different wall colors, so you don't get lost. It is actually very pretty and cozy. And you can sit in every room and just enjoy the artwork and do some time traveling. 

After going to museums like The Louvre in Paris, The British Museum and The Victoria & Albert Museum in London the Art Museum in Vienna and plenty of museums in Italian major cities like Florence and Rome, we obviously had very high expectations. But to my surprise, we actually enjoyed the afternoon. 

We liked the painting collections in the old building much more than in the modern building. All in all, it was a lovely afternoon. The staff was very friendly and welcoming. Also, the best thing about this museum is that you can visit it for FREE on Wednesdays. Also, you are allowed to take pictures, which is really great. 

So we highly recommend a visit to this historical place, which by the way according to one of the staff members is haunted! They experience strange things at night in the old building! :-)

OUR HONEST REVIEW: We give 4 out of 5 stars!

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