September 29, 2023

Remembering Anthony Moriah!

Today, 29. September is the 14 anniversary of Tone's heartbreaking passing on 29.9.2009. I still can’t believe why this wonderful human being and talented British singer had to leave us with only 41!

I often think about him, but this week a voice in my head repeatedly said you have to write a blog post about Tone and keep his memory alive. I knew Tone because he was one of the show crew members from the bestselling Swiss Artist DJ BOBO. My mum made three costume designs for Bobo's world tours, which included his costume plus Tones and 10 dancers.

Tone has studied Architecture and design in Scotland and loved R&B and Pop music. His idol was Stevie Wonder. He was a brilliant singer, songwriter, and composer from London who produced songs for other artists as well.

I always say talent is one thing, but a good personality and a kind character are everything. Tone is one of the few people that I will always cherish in my heart because of his kindness. He didn’t say much, but you knew he had a good heart. I remember him chatting at Bobo's wedding with us. He was actually sitting right on my opposite with all the other English-speaking crew members. Tone also performed a private concert at the wedding, which was really nice. 

Despite his incredible talent and handsome look, Tone was only Bobo's background singer, And I felt that he wasn't happy about it. He deserved to be the STAR and not the supporting voice. But this is the negative side of the music industry. Mostly the REALLY talented ones are the ones who stand in the back and allow others to enjoy the spotlight with less or no talent and personality at all. 

I once contacted Tom for a project, and he was very sweet and supportive. These two pictures were taken backstage after a Christmas Session in Zurich in 2002. He invited my mum and me to see his performance and welcomed us backstage afterward.  

Tone, we may not understand God's decisions. Maybe he needed an angel and took you away from your family and fans way too early. You may be gone, but you will always be in people’s hearts not only because of your talent but because of your kind personality. God bless your soul. RIP: 

Tone on stage on Bobo's World Tours with Simas Costumes!

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