January 13, 2023

Global Media, seriously?

For weeks young Iranian are being executed for nothing but their desperate desire for freedom! But liberty is a human right, regardless of age, nationality, skin colour, gender, level of education, work position, income, lifestyle, IQ, and RELIGION! And every person who says otherwise is a fool, crazy, brainwashed, or simply criminal!

For weeks the media has only one single topic! PRINCE HARRY and his memoir SPARE. As much as I have understanding for this mentally and emotionally damaged young man, there are millions of innocent young Iranian right now, who are facing execution, and the ones who will survive the prison time are surely damaged mentally as well as physically for life!

As we all know now Prince Harry is not the privileged young prince that we thought he is. He suffered a lot of heartbreak and pain in his early life BUT now he has everything he wanted. He is married to the woman that he loves. They have two adorable children and he has all the freedom to live a happy, independent, and fulfilled life in freedom and wealth with limitless opportunities and possibilities. He is free to decide whatever he wants to do or to be in the future.

But what about those young Iranian who have absolutely nothing? No freedom. No hope. No future. No rights. No dreams. No goals. No opportunities. No possibilities. They have absolutely NOTHING! Who is talking about them? Who is helping them?

Honestly, I'm sick and tired of the corrupt global media coverage. Focusing on only one person’s misery and ignoring everyone else is brutal, heartless, and a CRIME!

Global Media, global world leaders, and politicians, the global human right organization, Embassies, where are you? WAKE UP! It is time to wake up and act. It is time to stand up and fight for EVERYONE's HUMAN rights! 

It is time to put an end to this unbelievable and unnecessary bloody crime! It is time to take your job as a journalist and reporter seriously. For the love of God, leave Harry live his life in peace and be the voice for the innocent and voiceless Iranians who are being KILLED for absolutely nothing but Freedom!!!!!

Remember and say their names: Mohsen Shekari, Majid Reza Rahnavard, Mohammad Hosseini, Mohammad Mehdi Karami - RIP !

Every single person in power who is witnessing this crime and is doing nothing (because of their benefits, contracts, and deals with this regime), remember KARMA is around the corner! 

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