August 07, 2022

The Wealthy Producer! - My five star review!


I was a music producer who had been struggling to make ends meet. I had produced some decent beats, but I just couldn't seem to make a profit. Then one day, a wealthy music producer told me his secrets to getting rich.

He said that the key was to create a successful beat-selling business online. He showed me how he did it, and I decided to follow his advice. Within a few months, I had created a successful beat-selling business and was making more money than ever before!

In this book, you will learn the 3 secrets of the wealthy producer that will help achieve your dreams of owning a lucrative beat-selling business and becoming a successful music producer. Thir13een


I have studied Public Relations and Marketing and have a few years of work experience in this field. So I was curious to read this e-book about the secrets of marketing in the music business written by my featured artist Thir13een

I already know what an exceptionally talented producer he is and what a God-given voice he has. But I had no clue that he also is a great storyteller. What I enjoyed the most was his honesty and sense of humor. My only critique would be: I wish the e-book was longer because I enjoyed this fun, inspiring and educational short read. It is helpful and eye-opening guidance for success, not only in music but in life.

Also, why should a writer drag out a conversation and take time off the reader, when it explains the secret to success in a nutshell? I hope Thir13een will continue to write and publish more helpful and inspiring books. 

Knowledge in general is the most powerful tool that protects us from making wrong choices and false decisions in life. Knowledge is the key to success and happiness. Unfortunately, not many successful people like to share their knowledge. They think I had to learn it the hard way, why on earth should I share my knowledge and experiences with others and hand them over my valuable life lessons? 

My answer is: WHY NOT? So first of all respect to the wealthy producer who made the time to share his precious experiences with Thir13een and give him such important life and work lessons. But also respect to my featured artist who made the time to write this ebook and give his knowledge to others who may be in the same situation as he was when he had this life-changing meeting with the wealthy producer. 

This valuable ebook is the perfect short read for anyone ambitious who wants to succeed in their field of interest and strength. Get your copy today on Amazon or read it for Free with Kindle Unlimited! 

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