March 22, 2022

My anti war song "Blood is always red!" and an old anti war song!

Today is the song release for my anti-war and anti-discrimination song "Blood is always red!" While I'm happy and excited to share my song, I feel devastated about everything that is happening in the world right now! 

The other day I heard an old anti-war song from 1981 by German singer Udo Lindenberg. I can't believe that four decades later we are still struggling with the same issues. War, Discrimination, and Hate! Why? 

A little girl was singing this meaningful song on the Voice Kids Germany at the blind auditions and I thought I have to share it here on my blog. I'm also giving you the translated lyrics in English for those who don't speak German! 

Let's all hope and pray for a better future! 

What Are Wars There For? by Udo Lindenberg

Nobody wants to die, that is for sure

Then what are wars there for?

Mister President, aren't you one of these gentlemen

You must know why

Can you explain it to me?

No mother wants to lose her children

And no wife her husband.

Then why do have soldiers to march off

To murder people - just explain it to me

What are wars there for?


Mister President, I am now ten years old

And I am scared in this forest of atomic missiles.

Tell me the truth, tell it to me now

For what is my life being put on stake?

And the lives of all the others - just tell me why

They load their guns and kill one another

They face each other and they could be friends

But before they get to know each other, they shoot each other dead

I think that is so stupid, why does it have to be this way?


Did you ask all the billions of people all over the world

If they want it that way

Or is it also a question of money?

A lot of money for the few magnates1,

Who build tanks and missiles

And then buy gold and diamonds

For their elegant wives

Or is it also about some religious dispute2

That people cannot agree

As to what god is the right one?


Or what other reasons are there

That I think are equally stupid

Well, maybe I can't understand it yet

Why wars are necessary33

I guess I'm still too small

I'm just a child

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