March 04, 2022

"Blood is always red!" - An anti- war and discrimination song!

I honestly can’t believe that only two days after my song release 80 Million People! a new war has started in Europe. My song was released on 22.2.22 and a press release went out on 21.2.22 to 500+ news websites, TV & Radio, Trade/Industry, national and International News sites to bring awareness about my online petition #HumanityB4Nationality.

On 24.2.22 a new refugee crisis has started. Europe is currently in one of the worst crises of the last 80 years. The Russian aggressor is bringing unimaginable suffering and bloodshed to the people of Ukraine!

Maybe now you understand the urgency of my online petition. Now more than ever we have to act and help these innocent victims of war. For now, the European countries are opening their doors and giving Ukrainian refugees asylum.

But trust me, for these refugees a horrible and painful chapter and an uncertain future have just started. Life as a refugee is a living hell! With only limited rights to a normal and independent life, we have to help and make sure that the refugee law gives these families, adults, teenagers, and children a fair chance to build a normal and fearless life in safety and dignity!

I hope my voice for the voiceless won’t be ignored as it does for many years! Trust me, if we don’t act now, look away, and believe that only donating clothes and food is the solution, we are naïve. This might be the solution for now, but we have to do more! 

My second song "Blood is always red!" was supposed to be released in May 2022, but after the recent events, I have decided to release it earlier. It will be out on 22.3.22! It is an anti-war and anti-discrimination song! Stay tuned...

The German press release went out yesterday on 2.3.22! Here is the link to one of the many platforms! 

If you want to help now, support my online petition #HumanityB4Nationality and make sure that these refugees will have a future! 

Read the English press release from 21.2.22!

Act now! Sign my petition!

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