April 25, 2021

Teddy & Lily Audiobook!

For us authors, one of the most exciting experiences is bringing our written words into life. As I mentioned in my blogger magazines Read My Minds winter issue 2017 it is very hard for indie authors to produce movies from books. If you have a publishing contract it is more likely possible, but for Indies, the journey is a little bit more complicated. To produce an audiobook though, you don’t need an entire production team nor as much cash as you would for film production.

Creating audiobooks is becoming more and more popular for indie authors because the audiobook market has been experiencing explosive growth in the last years. It surely is a great opportunity for us authors to find a new audience and readership for our stories, especially now in our decade where we don’t have to worry about packaging, shipping, etc., like back in the days where only bestselling author’s books were published on cassette or CD. Thanks to the many online retailers a special player are no longer required. Due to modern mobile technology listening to audiobooks is a convenient pleasure for a generation that needs to be multi-tasking all the time.

Listening to audiobooks is fantastic entertainment while we’re doing other activities in the household such as cooking, baking, cleaning, ironing or working out and creative activities like painting or sewing. It can be also an inspiring or educating form of entertainment while we’re commuting. Listening to audiobooks is great when your eyes are busy but your ears are not!

So in summer 2017, I produced two audiobooks in English for audiobook lovers. Both stories are inspired by my memoir Destination Freedom. The first one was TEDDY & LILYIn August 2018 the multi-talented actor, singer and voice-over artist Carl Lindquist narrated Teddy & Lily. 

This lovely and sweet story is available in several online stores on my website www.LilyAmis.com. You can also listen to free audio samples on Sound Cloud or watch the trailers here or on Youtube!

Listen to Free Audio Sample on Sound Cloud

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