April 27, 2021

Bon Voyage Audiobook!


Are you sick and tired of the non-ending Lockdowns? Do you miss traveling? Do you miss sightseeing? Do you miss the beauty of Europe? I have the perfect solution for you!  You don’t need a Covid test! Forget all the hassle at the airport, during passport control, check-in, and long flights. Forget social distancing and face masks. Relax, lay down on your favorite couch or in your cozy bed and join Monsieur Jac Couture and Lily! Welcome on board! 

Bon Voyage, Monsieur Jac and Lily travel to Europe is a delightful story narrated in British English for young and young at heart listeners who love to discover the beauty of the European cities. The story is funny, educational, and inspiring. It makes you forget all your worries for almost an hour! Listen to free audio sample on SoundCloud or download the full story on Google Store! 

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