April 21, 2021

Now the world can breathe!


Black lives matter! All Lives matter! And yes George Floyd's life mattered! In the previous three weeks we have been watching the live trial on CNN and last night we couldn’t breathe and go to sleep until the decision was finally announced by the judge. Guilty in all three charges!

Words can’t describe our feelings and emotions. A massive huge weight has been lifted and we can finally breathe. Thank God justice has been served. What a relief for the entire world. We live in a strange time right now but let’s face it the racial injustice is a global issue. Racism and discrimination is part of the world’s history and our society no matter where we live in the world.

In eight weeks this police officer (whose name I’m not going to mention here on my blog!), George Floyd's killer will be sentenced for many decades. I hope this is a LESSON for everyone out there (especially for those in “high” and “powerful” positions!) who believe that being a racist, being nasty and violent, and arrogantly condescending to others just based on their skin color, religion, nationality, and passport, etc. is ok! If you are not being punished in this world, be assured that God is watching you.

This policeman had the chance to show his remorse but he didn’t. He had the opportunity to apologize to George Floyd’s family, friends, the community, the Minnesota state, America, and the entire world, but he decided to use the Fifth Amendment and stay silent! It seems that this man still doesn’t understand what he has done and how he has abused his power as a policeman. There are no signs of regret. No signs of a bad conscience. Nothing!

Steve Schleicher, who served "on a pro bono basis," as a member of the prosecution team for the George Floyd case did an excellent job and spoke the prosecution closing arguments on April 19 during the trial and said the following:


Floyd was just a man, lying on the pavement, being pressed upon, desperately crying out. A grown man crying out for his mother. A human being. This police man killed Floyd by pinning him to the pavement for 9 minutes, 29 seconds. His actions were reckless, unreasonable, and warrant conviction not just for manslaughter but also on two murder counts.”

Steve Schleicher couldn’t sum it up better! Also, don’t forget that a grown-up man was violently tortured by four police officers and killed for only 20 Dollars! 20 ridiculous Dollars!

At the end of the day we all are the same. Black Lives matter. White Lives matter. All Lives matter! Whether young or grown-up, whether man or woman, REMEMBER BLOOD IS ALWAYS RED! So please be respectful, be kind, be thoughtful, be supportive! God damn it be human! 

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