January 26, 2016

The nasSima Costume design History

In my recent post, I wrote a review about the Elvis Presley Exhibition which Sima and I visited and enjoyed. The day after we went to the Victoria & Albert Museum and were excited about the Costume Collection.

After both experiences, I realized how talented my mother actually is. nasSima design was born in 2002. But Sima has been in to Costume design ever since she was a teenager. She used to design and make dresses for herself. Looking closely at some of Elvis Outfits from Las Vegas and the Costumes from celebrities such as Elton John in V&A, I admire my mothers work even more and realize what an exceptional talent she has.

Our costumes not only look dazzling, they also take into account practical considerations. Once our sketches are made, we choose the appropriate materials and accessories. Sima always uses the highest quality material and tailors the designs to the needs of the artist. The costumes are comfortable while looking like million dollars.

Sima has created costumes for a variety of areas, especially in the entertainment industry and all the costumes were not only hand-made but dazzling “Aude couture pieces”.  She has designed three costume topics for the Swiss best Selling Artist *DJ Bobo and his dance crew of eleven people.

For his Mystasia World Tour Sima was responsible for the Costume Theme “Orient”. And for his following Planet Colours World Tour she was responsible for the Costume topics “Black& White” and “Asia”. These costumes were also used in the Official Music Video “What a Feeling" from the OSCAR & GRAMMY-winning Single "Flashdance" with DJ Bobo & Irene Cara!

Sima Holding the finished costumes "Orient"
Female costumes

Mens costumes
Fully handmade Accessoires


Mystasia World Tour Costumes Orient

Mystasia World Tour Costumes Orient

Mystasia World Tour Costumes Orient

Female Dancers costume

Star Costume

Fitting the dancers

Fitting the Star

Planet Colours World Tour Costumes Asia
Planet Colours World Tour Costumes Asia
Planet Colours  World Tour Costumes Asia
Planet Colours World Tour Costumes Asia

Planet Colours World Tour Costume sketches

Sima holding the finished costumes that will now travel the world!

Planet Colours World Tour Costumes black & White

Planet Colours World Tour Costumes black & White
Planet Colours World Tour Costumes black & white
Planet Colours World Tour Costumes black & White

Sima has also designed and made unique Costumes for another Swiss Singer and Songwriters background dancers. 

But Simas most beautiful work is for sure her painstakingly hand richly embroidered stunning robes for the black Madonna holding the baby Jesus in her arms in the black marble ‘Lady Chapel’ in the famous and worldwide visited Abbey in Swiss. The abbey of Einsiedeln with its Marian shrine is the focus of Swiss Catholic piety and culture, as well as an international pilgrimage site.
The first robe in white is hand-embroidered with white and gold pearls and was delivered to the Abbey in May 2005 as a gift. The second dress and gift were given to the Abbey in February 2011.

Handmade by Sima

Maria gown

Baby Jesus

The second gown from royal blue and turquoise Satin embroidered with more than 1000 of sequences symbolize the "Miraculous Medal of the Chapel of our lady in Paris". 12 stars on the veil symbolize the Miraculous Medal and the river around the veil symbolizes the holy water of Lourdes. The fish symbolizes Christianity. The two golden hearts on the right and left of each side of the veils in the centre symbolizes the love for Maria and Jesus. The blue colours symbolize harmony, peace and solidarity. That’s how Sima works. She puts so much love and effort into every single detail like no other designer.




In recent months she was working on the third gown from green and gold velvet embroidered again with more than 1000s of sequences on spring flowers. These flowers have a very special meaning to us. Not only because they are older than 80 years. But most importantly because they were also handmade by my beloved grandmother. She made these flowers for her marriage-portion on table cloth and table napkins when she was only fourteen years old. We have kept them and treasured them until now. There is no better way than to honour them in giving them to the Abbey as a new robe for Madonna and baby Jesus. This way we make sure that the legacy of mother and daughter (my grandmother and my mom) stays in a good and appreciated place. It will hopefully bring millions of pilgrim people of God joy, happiness and hope like the first two robes do every year.

The green robe symbolizes Hope for the Hopeless. Why? Because spring is the month where everything becomes alive. The sleepy plants and flowers start to blossom. That’s the message of the new gown. Difficulties and negativity don’t last. Light and positivity will overshadow the darkness. Therefore you should never ever give up your hope regardless of your Life circumstances. Believe in a higher power and don’t lose your faith.

Right now we are working on a book (Title: The colours of Hope) which will be available on Amazon. The book will not only include images of the whole producing process of the gowns but also have a lovely message about love, hope, faith and tolerance.
We keep you posted about the book.
*DJ Bobo He has sold 14 million records worldwide and has released 12 studio albums. He has won 10 World Music Awards for being Switzerland's bestselling artist and received numerous Gold and Platinum certifications for his singles and albums and has found success in Europe (primarily in Germany and Switzerland), Asia and South America.

Copyright Pictures: nasSima-design.com

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