January 08, 2016

Review of Elvis Presley the Exhibition

When we found out about the Elvis Presley Exhibition at The O2 in London we didn’t hesitate for a minute and booked the tickets immediately. It has always been our desire to visit Graceland, but unfortunately Memphis is not right around the Corner.

The thought of being close to some of the most personal items - over 300 artefacts direct from the Presley family’s treasured Graceland – from the King of Rock’n Roll himself was truly amazing, surreal and exciting. What a generous gesture of Priscilla Presley to bless us with such an incredible opportunity.
Me personally I was not even born when the Elvis-mania explored America and the entire world. His ground-breaking music sessions, record-breaking concert tours, his military service in Germany and Hollywood movies were all before my time. But thanks to my mom I grew up with Elvis Music and Hollywood movies.
When I saw the Film “Elvis and me” produced by his wife Priscilla Presley and mother of his only child Lisa Marie, I immediately fell in Love with Elvis: the son, the husband, the father and the friend. A loving, giving and unbelievably generous human being. I envy the people who had the privilege to meet him and work with him.
Elvis was such a gentleman. He not only was one of the most handsome men of all time, but also one of the most gifted. God bless his soul that is still giving people love and hope even forty years after his passing with his voice and his lovely music.
Watching the older generation at the O2 Exhibition - male as well as female - was truly touching. I felt that they not only admired what they saw, but also remembered memories of their own youth. Especially the sparkle in the eyes of the male visitors when they saw Elvis Harley Davidson or cars was priceless. Older man in their sixties looked at the “mans toys” with such an admiration and enthusiasm.
I love people who are strong fighters and not born with money and fame right away served on the silver platter. Elvis Aaron Presley born on January 8th, 1935 was born into poverty. But thanks to his talent and the support of his loving parents, Vernon and Gladys he achieved his worldwide success.
One would think that a person like him would forget his routes and behave like a King. Even though he was titled as the King of Rock’n Roll, he didn’t behave like a King. From what I know through his biography he was the most loveable and generous person you can imagine. He supported his friends and family in every possible way.
Even now after his death he’s sharing his most private belongings with his admirer. Walking through this Exhibition and looking at each single piece with Elvis voice singing “Welcome to my World” in the background made him completely alive. As if his soul was actually in the room and looking at each one of us and welcoming us in his London home.
Globally, Elvis has sold over one billion records and continues to sell to this day to new generations. Elvis was incredible. Extraordinary and exceptionally as an artist as well as a human being.
Thank you to the beautiful and sweet Priscilla Presley for sharing Elvis with us. She did such a great job. We will never forget this experience.
Today is your birthday Elvis. Happy Birthday to you. You are and will always be alive! You were unique and will always be irreplaceable. May God bless your family and loved ones.
We recommend the Elvis Exhibition and give 10 points from 10. A must for all the Elvis Lovers.
Here are just a few of the pictures that we took at the Exhibition. If you want to see more visit the official Website.

All pictures by nasSima-design.com




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