January 13, 2016

Review of The Illusionists

If you want to witness The IMPOSSIBLEThe Illusionist” at the West End Theatre is for sure the right place to go. My mom and I, we started New Year’s Day with a new perspective of life.
The show was a mix of stunts, magic and humour by international professionals from the industry such as magician James Raven (Britain’s Got Talent), Andrew Basso, Colin Cloud, Kevin James and Ben Blaque.
Yu Ho-Jin asThe Manipulator from Japan impressed us the most with his unbelievable talent. He had such an incredible energy. During his entire performance the lighting and the music were so magical and on point. We could watch him for hours doing what he’s doing, which is not explainable with words. You have to see him live to understand what I mean.  

James Raven The charismatic magician impressed us like he has done it on Britain’s Got Talent. He’s amazing. He actually makes one believe in Magic and that the impossible is actually possible.
Andrew Basso the Escapologist from Italy impressed us with his astonishing Houdini Water Torture Cell performance.
Each one of the Illusionists is a highlight. They take the audience on an emotional and entertaining journey and let us forget the reality for a while. The American Showman David Williamson was hilarious. He was such a blessing for the Show.

All in all an extraordinarily magical experience at the beautiful Shaftesbury Theatre with perfect music, lighting , and special effects. We had such a good laugh. Enjoyed astonishing moments and left the show with a very positive feeling.
It was truly a memorable experience and made us aware of the fact that what we see is not necessarily the truth or the reality. The entire show makes me wonder about our "Definition of reality". This show proves that the impossible is possible. That the visible is invisible. Life is like a magic show. What seems to be a fact can actually be a big lie, a big fake.
So we can’t and shouldn’t trust our own eyes. Our mind, our view and our perspective of things that seem to be certain, obvious and clear are actually not certain, obvious and clear at all. Experiencing magic from close-up with your own eyes, ears and mind is a good lesson to not believe everything what we see, what we hear and what we are told to believe.

Life is truly magical and if we live our daily life’s with this awareness we will not only take many things easier but also see, feel, think and live our life open-minded.
There is so much more in life than what we believe is real and important. We are so manipulated by the media, by politicians and by our greedy and superficial society that we forget the actual values of humanity.

Which interestingly are all invisible but they do exist such as Love, trust, faith, believe, hope and honesty. Emotions and feelings that we all have in us for our family and friends. 
If you want to understand what I mean go and experience Jamie Raven Live on his own UK Theatre Tour in February 2016. He’s not only a fantastic magician but also a genuinely nice, good smelling :-) and charming guy, who as you see takes time for his audience after the show. God bless him. Wishing him and all the others the best of luck! Thank you for entertaining us and making us believe in Magic!
Thank you for a fantastic experience. 

We recommend the show. It is an experience for young and adult and I give the Magicians, the musicians, the stage, the lighting, the special effects etc. 10 Stars from 10.
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