November 14, 2023

My Vision: Unity & Charity by The Industry Times

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Unity and Charity | Lily Amis & Thir13een’s Harmonious Collaboration

In the realm of indie music, a new soulful track titled “My Vision” is set to resonate not just through the speakers but within the hearts of listeners globally. The single is a thoughtful creation by Lily Amis, featuring the celestial vocals of Thir13een, marking their ninth collaboration. “My Vision” is more than a melody; it’s a clarion call for charity and a reminder of universal spirituality, released timely for the holiday season on November 13th, 2023.

Lily Amis, known for her multifaceted talents as a writer, blogger, and artist, intertwines her voice for refugees and humanity with her artistic endeavors. Her commitment to social causes is evident in her initiative of the Lily4Humanity Creativity Contest and her humanitarian petition #HumanityB4Nationality. Alongside the British producer and singer-songwriter Thir13een, Amis has been weaving a tapestry of musical genres ranging from Soul/R&B to Rap and Pop, all underscoring a message of unity and social consciousness.

My Vision” is the third release following “Tasteless Breakfast” and “My Mission,” and it carries a powerful message that transcends religious and cultural boundaries. The song emphasizes gratitude and remembrance of those in struggle, asserting that irrespective of one’s faith, the acknowledgment of a singular divine entity should unite rather than divide.

This track serves a dual purpose as an awareness anthem for two significant charities: The Christoffel Blind Mission Switzerland (CBM) and Smile Train UK. CBM’s mission is to foster an inclusive world where individuals with disabilities can fully exercise their human rights and reach their potential. Smile Train UK, similarly, has been instrumental in providing cleft care to children worldwide. Both organizations have made indelible impacts on humanity through their dedication and service.

The music, with its oriental flavor, complements the profound backstory of Ernst Jakob Christoffel, CBM’s founder, whose legacy despite his hardships inspires the song’s lyrics. Amis draws parallels between Christoffel’s tenacity and the potential within every individual to contribute meaningfully to society, regardless of their profession or abilities. She advocates for a world where laziness is not an option, and everyone employs their talents to foster joy and positivity.

Amis has specifically chosen the themes of blindness and cleft surgery for her lyrics, symbolizing society’s often metaphorical blindness to the privileges they possess and the need for positivity in a world rife with unpredictability. She urges that everyone should have the opportunity to smile and experience happiness.

Her commitment to charity and her collaboration with Thir13een underscores an artistic journey that is not solely about music but about a vision for a better, more inclusive world. As “My Vision” gears up to grace the festive season, it beckons listeners to not only enjoy the harmonies but to also engage with the song’s deeper call to action – a testament to the power of music as a force for good.

For those inspired by “My Vision,” you can deepen your engagement by visiting Lily Amis’ website, Instagram, purchasing the Vision Calendar 2024, exploring her shop for unique merchandise, and viewing the official song video – each a step towards supporting the unified message of hope and charity.

Listen to “My Vision” now!

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