November 29, 2023

Do you believe in the Miracle of Music?

Well, I do. Because the power of music unites humanity, while politics and religion divide us. I wasnt planning on releasing a second song for Christmas, but the recent events in the world leave me no choice. Our world has gone mad and everything is out of control.

THE MIRACLE OF MUSIC is inspired by my adorable Ambassadors story "LENNON, THE MIRACLE OF MUSIC"

THE MIRACLE OF MUSIC will be released on December 1st 2023, right on time for Christmas. The song is about unity, togetherness, peace and harmony. Hopefully, it will inspire everyone who is against war and motivate our incapable world leaders that our crazy world could be such a beautiful, peaceful and harmonic place if we ALL get along like music instruments.

We like to use this post and say THANK YOU to all our listeners and readers who are enjoying our music and books. We wish you all a blessed holiday season with your loved ones. Play music as often as you can and dance! Every day should be celebrated like Christmas day and new years day! 

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