October 10, 2023

Lily4Humantiy supporting CBM SWISS

Last Friday we met the head of Communication from CBM Swiss Michael. We had a Zoom chat back in July regarding my Lily4Humanity Creativity Contest and my song release MY VISION.

But I had so many questions and it was easier to meet in person and Michael answered everything. So the first reason why I chose CBM Swiss is because my mum and I, we both had eye surgeries in recent years. Mine was actually in July and August 2022. As you know from my previous post, I also had two eye surgeries as a kid and had to wear eyeglasses until the age of 12.

Life is hard and challenging as it is and I honestly wonder how people with disability especially blindness handle it with all the daily obstacles. There are many charities that support VISION but when I read about CBM's history, I knew that with Lily4Humanity and my upcoming song release, I have to support this charity and raise awareness about their incredible work.

The history of CBM and its founder Pastor Ernst J. Christoffel, born in 1876 in Germany, is inspiring and fascinating. The founder’s idea of an inclusive world in which all persons with disabilities enjoy their human rights and achieve their full potential is exactly my vision of humanity. In my next post, I will share Pastor Christoffel's life story.

Now back to our meeting with Michael and my Q&A:

How many operations (cataract surgery) are performed per month?

10 000 (Ten thousand)

How much is the cost of a cataract surgery? For adults 50 CHF, for children 180 CHF because they have to undergo the surgery under anesthesia. People assume that Cataract is only a problem for elderly people but the truth is that 2% of these numbers are actually children under the age of 18.

When was the first surgery? It was in 1966. Ever since CBM has made 16 Million surgeries possible. It is almost twice the size of Switzerland’s population. 

How much percent of a donation goes actually to the surgery?

From 100%:  82% goes into surgery, 14% into Communication, Advertising & Fundraising, and 4% into administration. 

What I like about this charity is in contrast to other Christian organizations, CBM actually really works for humanity. They don’t care about nationality, gender, age and religion. Humanity is the best word to describe their philosophy.



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