October 27, 2023

ISRAEL- GAZA and the refugee crises!

I haven’t written anything about the recent events in the world, because there is nothing to say anymore. The inhumanity in our society is disgusting and upsetting. If I had to describe this mess in one word, it would be Tragedy! 

It’s interesting how every time I release a song, it turns out to be a prediction song. My Mission, Lily Amis, feat. Thir13een was released on September 13th and another cruel war began on October 7th. Meanwhile, no one is speaking about the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia. It has become normal to witness CRIME in front of the global media and world leaders, and no one is capable of ending this human tragedy and mess!

The lack of humanity in our society has been the main reason for the refugee crisis for decades. The refugee issue has completely gotten out of control. I’m upset and sad, and I feel helpless and hopeless about the future. I have tried my best to bring awareness with Lily4Refugees and my online petition #HumanityB4Nationality in 2020. And so much more has happened ever since. So there comes a point in life when you just have to face the harsh and disgusting reality and protect yourself from troubling thoughts.

As difficult as it is, I know now for sure that the refugee crisis won’t EVER end. Because the war business is a money-making machine. We are talking about greedy, mighty hungry fortune hunters who have no moral values and no humanity in their bones and DNA!!! 

The refugees stuck in refugee camps for decades will continue to suffer and the ones who have lost their existence overnight are the next victims of war who will suffer with absolutely no hope for a better future. What’s the difference between today and World War I and II? Nothing!!! Nothing has changed. Humans are hopelessly selfish and Godless creatures with frozen hearts and consciences.

In recent weeks I have been contacting refugee organizations and, believe it or not, they deleted my emails without even reading them. There are plenty of charity organizations with different topics/issues but in my personal opinion and experience so far, NONE of them is as USELESS & CORRUPT as the global refugee organizations. So that’s why I have decided to focus on Lily4Humanity. Lily4Refugees will continue to be part of Lily4Humanity, but no longer my main topic!

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