July 15, 2021

The UK Songwriting Contest 2021!

The best way to spread important and profound messages around the world is to do it through books, music, and movies. Back in 2015 during the refugee crises in Europe, I’ve participated for the very first time as lyricist in the UK SONGWRITING CONTEST with three song lyrics “Destination Freedom”, “Blood is always red” and “My Angel of Love”.

Ever since I was extremely busy with blogging, writing, translating, illustrating, and publishing my children’s books and have neglected my love for song lyrics. But I’m happy and excited to inform you that I have participated in this year’s contest. The song contest winner from 2015 and my lovely summer blog guest in August 2021, American songwriter Debra Gussin, has actually motivated me to give it another try. 

I have submitted two brand-new lyrics related to my Lily4Refugees project in this year’s UK and International songwriting competition. My song titles are “80 million people!” and “My Voice 4 the Voiceless”. I’m hoping that my voice/lyrics will be heard by professionals from the music industry because my main goal is always to bring more awareness about this delicate topic and the global crises.

Why? Because refugees and asylum seekers around the globe need all our love and support. Displaced humans, who have lost everything, are now innocently sentenced for life as refugees in their new country. They have to struggle with the most horrible living conditions and freedom becomes nothing but a meaningless word.

As I know from my own experience, becoming a refugee is a lifelong emotional suicide. Uncertainty, anxiety, fear, and social isolation become normality unless we bring more awareness and change the global refugee law when it comes to integration and education. It is a long long way, but every little step counts, if we want the next generation to suffer less than we did, than I did!

In my previous post, I shared the lyrics from “Destination Freedom” and “Blood is always red”. Both lyrics were scored with 6 from maximum 10 points which indicates that I the lyricist have demonstrated real songwriting ability and understanding. A score of 6 is regarded as a borderline semifinalist score and indicates that my songs very nearly made it into the semi-finals. 

About the songwriting contest: The UK Songwriting Contest is one of the world's longest running and most popular and successful international songwriting events. It was launched in London in 2002. No other songwriting event in the world was formed together with such well respected and prestigious organisations. The UKSC judging panels have featured Grammy, Emmy, CMA, and BRIT Award-winning Gold and Platinum Album producers and artists. For more information visit their www.songwritingcontest.co.uk or follow them on Instagram



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