April 27, 2023

SIMA Writing the lyrics!

Writing lyrics for the most precious person in your life, your mother that is relatable to everyone else was challenging. Writing personal lyrics that will be sung by a male singer was even more challenging. There are many precious mother-daughter moments that I would have loved to include in my storytelling but it wouldn’t be suitable for a male vocalist. However, my featured artist Thir13een has been incredible. I told him how I wish the track should sound like and once again he did an amazing job. 

When people wonder why I don’t collaborate with other artists or female singers, my answer is simple: Listen to the songs and see what this amazing producer and singer is doing with my lyrics. From Genre to vocal range, Thir13een is an exceptionally talented artist like no one else in the entire world. 

S.I.M.A is our sixth collaboration and every single track that we have worked on together sounds different. Everything started with “80 Million People!”, a soul/R&B track, then we went on with “Blood is always red!” which is a Rap song. The follow-up projects were “The Stolen Years”, a pop song, “The Three of Us”, a soul track, and finally “YoYo & Chess” which is again a Rap song.  

S.I.M.A is a pop song in 80es style and dedicated to my wonderful mum, my BFF, and the sunshine in my life, and to all the incredible and strong mothers who sacrifice so much for their children. 

The worldwide release is on May 14th, 2023, on mothers Day in many countries. Stay tuned! 

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