March 05, 2021

Wohoo...Spring is around the corner!


Spring 2021 is around the corner, but we have already been experiencing the most beautiful, warm, and sunny February ever. It is wonderful to feel the sun and see the beauty of life again. We all are tired of this non-ending pandemic. The winter months have been very hard for all of and the daily news is exhausting for our mind, body, and soul. That’s why it is so important for our mental health to get out and don’t let all this negativity affect our daily life and brainwash our mind.

We are dealing with this unusual situation for over a year now, and I’m afraid this horrible and extremely challenging time will go on for the upcoming months if not years! It won’t disappear despite all the vaccine cocktails that the pharmacy industry is promoting worldwide as THE promising solution to end this misery. Whatever you think about the vaccine, don’t let this pandemic take away your joy of life. Learn to be happy again and laugh more. Remind yourself that every single day is a precious and priceless gift. Appreciate the people around you and take good care of yourself. Distance yourself from toxic people and nonsense conversations. Keep up the good spirit and let us fight these hard times with love, positivity, and most importantly with HOPE. Hope for better and more relaxing days to come…

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