September 06, 2021

Read My Mind, the free blogger magazine!

Available in December 2021

Goodbye summer, hello fall 2021! After ending my blog summer series “Corona & Creativity - Q & A with international blog guests, it is time to write and format my annual blogger magazine Read My Mind. 

If you are looking for a free, inspiring, and educational read, check out my previous issues from 2017 to 2020 on my website or click here on the magazine cover below and dive into a happy, positive, colorful, and inspiring world. 

In the 2020 issue, you will meet my adorable and cute Lily4Refugees Ambassadors and you get a look behind the scene of our making-off illustrations for our delightful stories “The Carousel” and “Love & Loyalty”.

In the 2019 issue, we took you to the Italian Book Fair in Rome and to our book promotion tour throughout Italy and the United Kingdom. We also listed all the libraries in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and the United Kingdom, where you can find a copy of my memoir “The Stolen Years in Zurich”. And we introduced you to international self-published authors and their amazing books. 

In the 2018 issue, you find articles such as “Authors, don’t let the social media numbers fool you”, “Authors, please stop selling yourself short”, “Authors take better care of your mind, body, and soul”, “Caught in a circle of illusion - Instagram”, “Publishing books - fiction versus nonfiction”, “The Next Generation”, “Walt Disney”, “The Fairy Tale King”, The Kingdom of Italy”, “Maria Montessori”, “Carlo Colodi”, “Mozart & Strauss” and great film reviews. 

In the 2017 issue, I wrote about the bestselling authors Danielle Steel and Nicholas Sparks and how you can turn your book into audiobooks and shared interesting interviews with inspiring artists, international musicians, and writers and published a spiritual article “The other side” and an educational read about “Self- Acceptance and Self-Respect” and my controversial article “Damn Pharmacy, Damn “Pain” Killers!” along with fascinating film reviews such as “The true story behind the world brands Adidas and Puma”. 

As you see there is a lot to discover. I hope you enjoy reading my mind! ;-)

FYI: The links to our shop at society6 and to our audiobooks on CD are no longer active. Both of my audiobooks Teddy & Lily and Bon Voyage are available in several download stores and our merch and collections are now in our brand-new shop at RedBubble

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September 05, 2021

Why we love traveling!

Traveling is the best way of self-education. Visiting new places, spending time in museums, galleries and historical buildings like castles and palaces is exciting, refreshing, and inspiring for our minds and soul.  

People who don’t travel a lot are surely more likely narrow-minded and blind-sided about other cultures, mentalities, lifestyles. tradition and religion. Traveling also means witnessing and reliving history. Being in historical cities and places is like time traveling!

Unfortunately this non-ending and horrible pandemic is stopping us for now from making new memories and experiences in foreign countries, but at least we can still escape by reading educational and inspiring books, listening to audiobooks, and of course watching interesting documentaries!

If you haven’t listened to my audiobook “Bon Voyage” yet, it's time to catch up. Relax and get away from home by listening to this funny, educational and sweet story narrated in British English for young and young at heart listeners who are interested in learning about the beauty and history of the European Countries!




Musee Invalides Napoleon

Musee Invalides Napoleon

September 03, 2021

Why we love Teddies!

The older I get, the more I realize how extremely hard it is to find honesty, loyalty, and integrity in humans. Family members and relatives are nothing but a huge disappointment and all you are left with are heartwarming and clueless childhood memories.

Most of our relationships and friendships end because of jealousy and dishonesty. There was a time when I really suffered because of damaged and broken contacts, but meanwhile, I don’t care. Relationships with family and relatives as well as friendships are a two-way street. When there is no love, respect, caring, and honesty, there is no relationship at all. And that’s one of the main reasons why many humans prefer relationships with animals (cats, dogs, and birds) than with other humans. Humans can be a waste of time, energy, and feelings.

In my story “Teddy & Lily, True Friendship is unconditional loyalty” young and young at heart readers learn the values of true friendship and meaningful relationships. The story in print and as an e-book is available in English, German, Italian and Spanish. The audiobook is available in English in several download stores.

As you can see, we love Teddies. They are a symbol of friendship, and even my gorgeous birthday cake this year was a Teddy Cake. My beautiful mum formed the two adorable teddies for the top and center of my delicious birthday cake. Happy Birthday to me! :-)

August 28, 2021

Step by Step guide to support #HumanityB4Nationality !

Our petition is online for almost a month now. Unfortunately, we only have 24 amazing supporters so far. But we are happy and grateful that they come from different countries. We have supporters from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, England, Italy, and Greece.

In the recent four weeks, I made the following experience with people who I talked to about the petition: 

There are three kinds of people:

1. The ones, who understand the seriousness of the issue, agree with me, talk and complain about it but are not willing to be active and use their voice in public for whatever reason!

2. The ones who like to be supportive but are worried, unsure, or afraid of sharing their name and contact information on a public platform.

3.  And finally, the ones who like to be supportive but just don’t know how to use the online platform.

Unfortunately, I can’t change and force the ones who prefer to complain all day long but are not willing to be active and supportive.

But I can assure those who are unsure and worried about using their names and contact information, that not even I (as the petition organizer) see your private information such as your Email address, home address, etc. Your information is handled professionally by the online platform  And if you don’t want your name to appear on the website, you can even sign the petition anonymously.

And finally, for those who don’t know how to sign up for a petition, here we go. A step-by-step screenshot! I hope this is helpful and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me! 

1. Enter your name & 2. Email address and click the blue sign button!

Enter your 3. Zip Code, 4. Street, & 5. Country and click SIGN

The three questions here are OPTIONAL. 
The most important question is: Who should see your support? 

1. Why is the petition important to you?
2. My concern

3. My involvement





August 27, 2021

Show solidarity 4 #HumanityB4Nationality with creativity!

My summer blog series about “Creativity” has just ended. I want to use this opportunity and thank all my international blog guests! 

Now my focus is on my online petition at I hope I can bring awareness to the plight of refugees worldwide. Those who are stuck in refugee camps and those who are suffering under an unfair refugee law in European countries.

With #HumanityB4Nationality I’m not asking for donations. I’m not asking you to support me personally, but all the innocent and voiceless refugees of today. All you need to do is sign the petition and show solidarity for humanity. Because at the end of the day, we are all the same! Remember, blood is always red!

Please sign, share and support. You can also show your solidarity with the petition by using creativity. Get inspired by the #HumanityB4Nationality Hashtag and send us your artwork. You can express yourself in all possible forms of art. Be it painting, drawing, graphic design, photography, handicrafts, a song, a song lyric, a poem, or even the art of baking or cooking. 

Show Solidarity 4 #HumanityB4Nationality 

with Creativity! Be inventive. Be creative. Be unique! 

Please send us a picture of your masterwork to and we will share and promote it on our blog and social media pages. Thank you. Danke. Grazie. Merci and God bless.


You can sign the petition anonymously because we respect your privacy! 

Humanity Before Nationality

Menschlichkeit vor Nationalität

L'umanità prima della nazionalità 


August 25, 2021


Vous pouvez signer la pétition de manière anonyme car nous respectons votre vie privée !

Il est désolant et douloureux de voir l'incapacité des gouvernements à trouver une solution efficace et univoque. Pourquoi ce problème donne-t-il du fil à retordre à ces personnes hautement qualifiées et surpayées que travaillent dans les gouvernements, les organisations à but non lucratif et les organismes de bienfaisance ? Pourquoi est-il si difficile de trouver une solution facile et utile qui mette un terme, une fois pour toutes, à ce système d'intégration fallacieux ? Pourquoi est-il si difficile de trouver une solution simple et utile qui mette fin, une fois pour toutes, à ce système d'intégration qui échoue? Pourquoi les personnes qui sont venues en Europe pour chercher la sécurité sont-elles traitées comme des exclus? Au lieu de prendre soin de ces innocents, ils les envoient dans des bâtiments abandonnés à l'extérieur des centres-villes et les punissent comme des criminels dans les camps de réfugiés. Les demandeurs d'asile et les réfugiés sont traités comme des terroristes qui devraient être retirés de la société, punis, et condamnés à perpétuité comme des prisonniers.

Nous sommes témoins de cette horrible crise humanitaire pendant plus d'une décennie. Il est temps d'apporter un changement radical et de sauver les réfugiés de leur misère. Les réfugiés méritent une vie digne. Sécurité et vie privée, logement et nourriture, soins médicaux et assistance sociale, et soutien pour participer au processus légal de demande d'asile.

Lorsque des personnes demandent l'asile, après avoir quitté leurs foyers et leurs proches pour fuir les conflits et les persécutions, elles cherchent désespérément à commencer une nouvelle vie en repartant de zéro. Mais la loi sur les réfugiés le rend impossible. Ceux qui finissent dans des camps de réfugiés souffrent autant que ceux qui parviennent à rejoindre les pays européens.

Les tentes et les couvertures ne sont pas des solutions à long terme. Le temps est venu d'aider VRAIMENT les gens sans aide. Les demandeurs d'asile, les réfugiés et les personnes déplacées ont déjà tout perdu. Ils ne devraient pas être punis. Ils ne devraient pas souffrir dans des conditions terribles et inhumaines dans des camps de réfugiés ou dans des bâtiments abandonnés.

Les demandeurs d’asile et les réfugiés souffrent dans les pays européens d’accueil parce qu’ils n’ont pas droit à une éducation adéquate, à un emploi et à la pleine intégration. Les conséquences sont la dépression, des graves problèmes de santé et de santé mentale et l’isolement social.

Tout être humain qui demande l'asile devrait avoir droit à une éducation adéquate, à l'intégration et à un emploi dans le pays d'accueil. Donner aux demandeurs d'asile et aux réfugiés le droit de travailler renforcera leurs chances de s'intégrer dans leurs nouvelles communautés. Cela leur permettra de vivre dans la dignité et de subvenir à leurs besoins et à ceux de leur famille. Cela leur permettra d'utiliser leurs compétences et de faire ressortir le meilleur de leur potentiel. Elle améliorera la santé mentale des personnes participant au processus de demande d'asile.

Les réfugiés doivent être traités avec respect. Chaque personne mérite de vivre une vie sûre et digne. Chaque personne devrait vivre une vie sûre dans une maison et non dans une tente ou une maison abandonnée.

Chaque réfugié mérite de prospérer et pas seulement de survivre !

Nous demandons combien de suivis pour les réfugiés dans les camps de réfugiés

Fermez les camps de réfugiés.

Donnez aux réfugiés un foyer convenable.

Offrez-leur des conseils juridiques dans le processus de demande d'asile.

Offrez-leur un traitement médical et une assistance psychologique.

Nous exigeons ce qui suit pour les réfugiés dans les pays européens

Nous exigeons plus de droits pour les demandeurs d'asile et les réfugiés dans les domaines de l'éducation, du travail, du logement et de l'intégration. Un salaire régulier et un permis de séjour régulier réduisent la criminalité, la pauvreté, les mariages faux ou forcés. Les demandeurs d'asile et les réfugiés dans les pays européens devraient avoir accès à un processus de demande d'asile plus rapide et plus transparent.

L'humanité avant la nationalité ! 

Nous devons être la voix des sans-voix et mettre un terme à cette tragédie humanitaire une fois pour toutes !

Après ma récente interview Zoom avec Kayra Martinez, fondatrice de « Love Without Borders 4 Refugees », nous avons décidé qu'il était temps de faire un CHANGEMENT! C'est pourquoi nous avons lancé cette pétition en ligne, L'HUMANITÉ AVANT LA NATIONALITÉ. Vous pouvez revoir notre conversation en anglais et en allemand sur YouTube :

« Lily4Refugees » est le projet auquel je tiens beaucoup. Je suis écrivain, blogueur et porte-parole des réfugiés. Je suis une réfugiée de guerre qui a souffert trente ans à cause de la loi sur les réfugiés qui rejette les demandeurs d'asile et les réfugiés « tolérés » dans les domaines de l'éducation et de la pleine intégration. C'est pourquoi j'ai choisi "L'humanité avant la nationalité" comme titre de notre pétition. Toute ma vie, j'ai été réduit à un morceau de papier et cela a fait de ma vie un enfer !

« LWB4Refugees » a été fondée aux États-Unis par Kayra Martinez, une hôtesse de l'air américaine qui travaillait dans le camp de réfugiés de Nea Kavala dans le nord de la Grèce près de la frontière macédonienne depuis 2016. Son organisation « Love Without Borders for Refugees » cherche à aider les réfugiés en Grèce. retrouver stabilité et autonomie dans leur vie. Utiliser l'art pour s'exprimer comme un outil d'indépendance économique est comme une thérapie. Les réfugiés disposent d'une plate-forme à travers laquelle ils s'expriment, partagent leurs expériences et établissent des relations avec les communautés locales et mondiales.

Merci beaucoup pour votre soutien, Lily Amis de Suisse


August 24, 2021


Puoi firmare la petizione in modo anonimo perché rispettiamo la tua privacy!

È terribile e doloroso constatare l’incapacità dei governi di trovare una soluzione efficace per tutti. Perché tale problema sta dando del filo da torcere a queste persone altamente qualificate e superpagate nei governi, nelle organizzazioni no-profit e in quelle benefiche? Perché è così difficile trovare una semplice ed utile soluzione che metta fine, una volta per tutte, a questo fallace sistema di integrazione? Perché le persone che sono venute in Europa per cercare sicurezza vengono trattate come degli emarginati? Invece di prendersi cura di queste persone innocenti, li mandano in edifici abbandonati fuori dai centri cittadini e li puniscono come criminali nei campi profughi. I richiedenti asilo e i rifugiati vengono trattati come se fossero terroristi che dovrebbero essere rimossi dalla società, puniti, e condannati a vita come prigionieri.

Abbiamo assistito a questa orribile crisi umanitaria per più di un decennio. È ora di apportare un cambiamento radicale e salvare i rifugiati dalla loro condizione di miseria. I rifugiati meritano una vita dignitosa. Sicurezza e privacy, alloggi e cibo, cure mediche e assistenza sociale, e supporto per partecipare al processo legale di richiesta di asilo.

Quando le persone chiedono asilo, dopo aver lasciato le loro case e i loro cari per scappare da conflitti e persecuzioni, cercano disperatamente di iniziare una nuova vita ripartendo da zero. Ma la legge sui rifugiati glielo rende impossibile in ogni modo. Quelli che finiscono nei campi profughi soffrono tanto quanto quelli che riescono a raggiungere i Paesi europei.

Tende e coperte non sono soluzioni a lungo termine. È arrivato il momento di aiutare  VERAMENTE le persone prive di aiuto. I richiedenti asilo, i rifugiati, e gli sfollati hanno già perso tutto. Non dovrebbero essere puniti. Non dovrebbero soffire in condizioni terribili e disumane nei campi profughi o in edifici abbandonati.

I richiedenti asilo e i rifugiati soffrono nei Paesi europei che li ospitano perché non hanno diritto ad un’istruzione adeguata, ad un impiego e alla piena integrazione. La depressione, seri problemi di salute e mentali, e l’isolamento sociale ne sono le conseguenze.

Ogni essere umano che chiede asilo dovrebbe avere diritto ad un’istruzione adeguata, all’integrazione e ad un lavoro nel Paese che lo ospita. Dare ai richiedenti asilo e ai rifugiati il diritto di lavorare rafforzerà le loro possibilità di integrarsi all’interno delle loro nuove comunità. Permetterà loro di vivere con dignità e di provvedere a se stessi e alle loro famiglie. Consentirà loro di utilizzare le proprie capacità e tirare fuori il meglio dal loro potenziale. Migliorerà la salute mentale delle persone coinvolte nel processo di richiesta di asilo.


Ecco perché i rifugiati dovrebbero essere trattati con rispetto. Ogni singola persona merità di vivere una vita sicura e dignitosa. Ogni singola persona dovrebbe vivere una vita sicura in una casa e non in una tenda o in una casa abbandonata.

Ogni singolo rifugiato merita di prosperare e non solo di sopravvivere!

Chiediamo quante segue per i rifugiati nei campi profughi

Chiudete i campi profughi.

Date ai rifugiati un alloggio adeguato.

Offrite loro consulenza legale nel processo di richiesta di asilo.

Offrite loro cure mediche e assistenza psicologica.

Chiediamo quanto segue per i rifugiati nei Paesi Europei

Chiediamo più diritti per i richiedenti asilo e i rifugiati nel campo dell’istruzione, del lavoro, delle politiche abitative e dell’integrazione. Uno stipendio regolare e un regolare permesso di soggiorno riducono il crimine, la povertà, matrimoni falsi o forzati. I richiedenti asilo e i rifugiati nei Paesi Europei dovrebbero avere accesso ad un processo di richiesta di asilo più rapido e trasparente.

Humanity Before Nationality! Dobbiamo essere la voce di chi non ha voce e mettere fine a questa tragedia umanitaria una volta per tutte!

Dopo la mia recente intervista su Zoom con Kayra Martinez, fondatrice di “Love Without Borders 4 Refugees”, abbiamo deciso che è ora di attuare un CAMBIAMENTO! È per questo che abbiamo lanciato questa petizione online, HUMANITY BEFORE NATIONALITY. Potete rivedere la nostra conversazione in inglese e in tedesco su YouTube :

Lily4Refugees” è il progetto che mi sta a cuore. Sono una scrittrice, blogger e una voce per i rifugiati. Sono una ex rifugiata di guerra che ha sofferto per quasi trent’anni a causa della legge sui rifugiati che respinge i richiedenti asilo e “ha tollerato” i rifugiati nel campo dell’istruzione e della piena integrazione. Per questo ho scelto “Humanity Before Nationality” come titolo per la nostra petizione. Per tutta la mia vita sono stata ridotta ad un pezzo di carta e questo ha reso la mia vita un inferno!

LWB4Refugees” è stata fondata negli Stati Uniti da Kayra Martinez, un’assistente di volo americana che ha lavorato nel campo profughi di Nea Kavala, nel nord della Grecia, vicino al confine con la Macedonia, sin dal 2016. La sua organizzazione “Love Without Borders for Refugees” cerca di aiutare i rifugiati in Grecia a recuperare stabilità e autonomia nella loro vita. Utilizzando l’arte per l’espressione di sé come uno strumento per l’indipendenza economica è come una terapia. I rifugiati hanno a disposizione una piattaforma attraverso la quale esprimono se stessi, condividono le loro esperienze, e instaurano relazioni sia con la comunità locale che con quella globale.

August 22, 2021


Sie können die Petition anonym unterschreiben, da wir Ihre Privatsphäre respektieren!

Es ist schrecklich und herzzerreissend mitanzusehen, dass die Regierungen nicht in der Lage sind, eine Lösung zu finden, die für alle Beteiligten von Vorteil ist. Warum bereitet dieses Problem hochgebildeten und überbezahlten Menschen in Regierungen, gemeinnützigen Organisationen und Wohltätigkeitsorganisationen solches Kopfzerbrechen? Warum ist es so schwierig, eine einfache und hilfreiche Lösung zu finden, die dieses kaputte Integrationssystem ein für alle Mal beendet? Warum werden diese unschuldigen und hilflosen Menschen wie Dreck behandelt? Anstatt sich um sie zu kümmern, werden sie in gottverlassenen Gebäuden ausserhalb der Stadtzentren oder in Flüchtlingslagern entsorgt. Sie werden behandelt, als wären sie Aussätzige mit einer ansteckenden und lebensbedrohlichen Krankheit. Sie werden von der Gesellschaft ausgeschlossen, bestraft und wie lebenslang verurteilte Gefangene behandelt.

Seit über einem Jahrzehnt sind wir Zeugen dieser schrecklichen humanitären Krise. Es ist an der Zeit, eine grundlegende Veränderung vorzunehmen und die Flüchtlinge aus ihrem Elend zu retten. Flüchtlinge verdienen ein Leben in Würde. Sicherheit und Privatsphäre, Unterkunft und Ernährung, medizinische und psychische Betreuung sowie rechtliche Beratung am legalen Asylverfahren.

Wenn Menschen Asyl beantragen, nachdem sie ihr Zuhause und ihre Angehörigen verlassen haben, um Konflikten und Verfolgung zu entkommen, versuchen sie verzweifelt, ihr Leben wieder von null aufzubauen. Aber das Flüchtlingsgesetz macht es ihnen in jeder Hinsicht schwer, ja gar unmöglich. Diejenigen, die in Flüchtlingslagern landen, leiden ebenso wie diejenigen, die es in europäische Länder schaffen.

Zelte und Decken sind keine langfristigen Lösungen. Es ist endlich an der Zeit, den Hilflosen WIRKLICH zu helfen. Asylbewerber, Flüchtlinge und Vertriebene haben bereits alles verloren. Sie sollten nicht auch noch bestraft werden. Sie sollten nicht unter entsetzlichen und unmenschlichen Bedingungen in Flüchtlingslagern oder verlassenen Gebäuden leiden müssen. Depressionen, ernsthafte gesundheitliche und psychische Probleme sowie soziale Isolation sind die Folgen.

Asylsuchende und Flüchtlinge leiden in ihren Aufnahmeländern in europäischen Ländern, weil sie kein Recht auf Bildung, Fortbildung, Beschäftigung und Integration haben. Depressionen, ernsthafte gesundheitliche und psychische Probleme sowie soziale Isolation sind die Folgen.

Jeder asylsuchende Mensch sollte das Recht auf Bildung, Weiterbildung, Integration und Arbeit in seiner Wahlheimat in Europa haben. Asylbewerbern und Flüchtlingen das Recht auf Arbeit zu geben, stärkt die Chancen diesen Menschen, sich in ihr neues Zuhause zu integrieren. Es ermöglicht ihnen in Würde zu leben und für sich und ihre Familien zu sorgen. Es ermöglicht ihnen, ihre Fähigkeiten zu nutzen und ihr Potenzial voll auszuschöpfen. Es wird die psychische Gesundheit der Menschen im Asylsystem verbessern.

Deshalb sollten Flüchtlinge mit Respekt behandelt werden. Jeder einzelne Mensch verdient es, ein Leben in Sicherheit und Würde zu leben. Jeder einzelne Mensch sollte ein sicheres Leben in einem Haus und nicht in einem Zelt oder einer verlassenen Asylunterkunft führen.

Jeder einzelne Flüchtling verdient es zu leben und nicht nur zu überleben!

Wir fordern folgendes für Flüchtlinge in Flüchtlingslagern

Alle Flüchtlingslager sollten schnellstens geschlossen werden.

Den Flüchtlingen sollte man ein richtiges Zuhause geben.

Den Flüchtlingen steht eine ordentliche und faire Rechtsberatung in ihrem Asylverfahren zu.

Den Flüchtlingen sollte man mit gesundheitliche und psychische Beratungen unterstützen.

Wir fordern Folgendes für Flüchtlinge in europäischen Ländern

Wir fordern mehr Rechte für Asylbewerber und Flüchtlinge im Bereich Bildung, Weiterbildung, Beschäftigung, Aufenthalt und Integration. Ein regelmässiges Einkommen und eine ordentliche Aufenthaltserlaubnis reduzieren Kriminalität, Armut, Schein-/Zwangsheirat. Asylbewerber und Flüchtlinge in europäischen Ländern sollen ein schnelleres, faires und transparenteres Asylverfahren erhalten.

Menschlichkeit vor Nationalität! Wir müssen die Stimme der Stimmlosen sein und diese menschliche Tragödie ein für alle Mal beenden!

Nach meinem Zoom-Interview mit Kayra Martinez, der Gründerin von „Love Without Borders 4 Refugees“, haben wir uns entschieden, dass es an der Zeit ist, etwas zu verändern! Aus diesem Grund haben wir diese Online-Petition mit dem Titel HUMANITY BEFORE NATIONALITY gestartet. Sie können unser Gespräch auf Englisch und Deutsch auf YouTube verfolgen.

Lily4Refugees“ ist mein Leidenschaftsprojekt. Ich bin Autorin, Bloggerin und Voice4Refugees. Ich bin ein ehemaliger Kriegsflüchtling, der seit fast drei Jahrzehnten unter dem Flüchtlingsgesetz gelitten hat. Mir wurde als Asylbewerberin und „geduldeten“ Flüchtling jegliche Rechte auf Bildung und Integration verweigert. Deshalb wähle ich als Petition-titel „Menschlichkeit vor Nationalität“. Mein ganzes Leben lang wurde ich auf ein Stück Papier reduziert, und das machte mein Leben zur Hölle!

LWB4Refugees“ wurde in den USA von Kayra Martinez gegründet, einer amerikanischen Flugbegleiterin, die seit 2016 im Flüchtlingslager Nea Kavala in Nordgriechenland nahe der mazedonischen Grenze arbeitet. Ihre Organisation „Love Without Borders for Refugees“ versucht Flüchtlinge in Griechenland dabei zu unterstützen, Stabilität über ihr Leben wiederzuerlangen. Die Verwendung von Kunst zur Selbstdarstellung und als Werkzeug zur wirtschaftlichen Unabhängigkeit ist wie eine Therapie. Die Geflüchteten haben eine Plattform, auf der sie sich ausdrücken, ihre Erfahrungen teilen und Beziehungen zu einer lokalen und globalen Gemeinschaft aufbauen können.

August 20, 2021


You can sign the petition anonymously because we respect your privacy! 

It is horrifying and heartbreaking to witness the government's lack of will to find a solution that is beneficial for everyone. Why is this issue causing headaches for these highly educated and overpaid people in the governments, non-profit organizations, and charities? Why is it so difficult to find a simple and helpful solution that ends this broken integration system once and for all? Why are people who have come to Europe to seek safety treated like outcasts? Instead of taking care of these innocent people, they are sent to abandoned buildings outside the city centers or punished like criminals in refugee camps. Asylum seekers and Refugees are treated as if they are terrorists with a disease who should be removed from society, punished, and given life sentences like prisoners.

We have witnessed this horrible humanitarian crisis for over a decade. It is time to make a fundamental change and rescue the refugees from their life in misery. Refugees deserve a life of dignity. Safety and privacy, housing and food, medical and sociological care, and guidance for participating in the legal asylum-seeking process.

When people claim asylum, having left their homes and loved ones to escape conflict and persecution, they are desperate to start their lives from zero again. But the Refugee Law today makes it impossible for them in every possible way. Those who end up in refugee camps suffer as well as those who make it to European countries.

Tents and blankets are not the long-term solutions. It is finally time to REALLY help the helpless. Asylum seekers, refugees, and displaced humans have already lost everything. They shouldn’t be punished. They shouldn’t suffer under horrifying and inhuman conditions in refugee camps or abandoned buildings. Depression, serious health and mental issues, and social isolation are the consequences.

Asylum seekers and refugees are suffering in their adopted countries in European countries because they have no right to proper education, employment, and integration. Depression, serious health and mental issues, and social isolation are the consequences.

Every human being who seeks asylum should have the right to proper education, integration, and work in their adopted country in Europe. Giving asylum seekers and refugees the right to work will strengthen people’s chances of being able to integrate into their new communities. It will allow them to live in dignity and to provide for themselves and their families. It will allow them to use their skills and make the most of their potential. It will improve the mental health of people in the asylum system.

That’s why refugees should be treated with respect. Every single person deserves to experience life in safety and dignity. Every single person should live a safe life in a house and not in a tent or an abandoned asylum house.

Every single refugee deserves to thrive and not just survive! 

We demand the following for Refugees in Refugee Camps

Shut down the refugee camps.

Give the refugees a proper home.

Offer them legal advice in their asylum process.

Offer them health and mental care.

We demand the following for Refugees in European Countries

We demand more rights for asylum seekers and refugees in education, employment, residence, and integration. A regular income and a proper residence permit reduce crime, poverty, sham / forced marriages. Asylum seekers and refugees in European countries should get a faster and more transparent asylum process. 

Humanity Before Nationality! We need to be the voice for the voiceless and end this human tragedy once and for all!

After my recent Zoom interview with Kayra Martinez, the founder of “Love Without Borders 4 Refugees”, we have decided that it is time to make a CHANGE! That’s why we have started this online petition, HUMANITY BEFORE NATIONALITY. You can watch our conversation in English and German on YouTube.

Lily4Refugees” is my passion project. I’m a writer, blogger, and Voice4Refugees. I’m a former war refugee that has suffered for almost three decades under the refugee law that stops asylum seekers and “tolerated” refugees from education and full integration. That’s why I choose “Humanity Before Nationality” as our petition title. All my life I was reduced to one piece of paper, and it made my life a living hell!

LWB4Refugees” was found in the USA by Kayra Martinez, an American flight attendant that has been working in the refugee camp of Nea Kavala, in northern Greece, near the Macedonian border, since 2016. Her organization “Love Without Borders for Refugees” seeks to support refugees in Greece to regain stability and autonomy over their lives. Using art for self-expression and as a tool for economic independence is like therapy. The refugees have a platform through which they express themselves, share their experiences, and forge relationships with both a local and global community.


August 18, 2021

Humanity Before Nationality - Mission Impossible?

After my recent Zoom interview with the lovely Kayra Martinez, the founder of the American organization “Love Without Borders for Refugees”, I had sleepless nights. Even though I just recently decided to put my online petition plans (after three years) aside, I realized that I just can’t do it! 

I can’t hear about the suffering of helpless refugees stuck in refugee camps, watch the news about the horrible life and work conditions of refugees in European countries and just stay silent and ignore it all, just because Covid19 has changed the world and people's willingness to support others.

We have always been living in a shallow and selfish world, but unfortunately, Covid19 has made people even more selfish, which is understandable because everyone is struggling in one or another way, be it mentally, emotionally, physically, or financially. 

AND YET…. we are still living a more privileged life than millions of innocent war victims around the globe! Asylum-seekers, refugees, and displaced humans were already living in hell before this pandemic and the recent crises in Greece and Afghanistan. But now everything is even worse and it is thoughtless, heartless, and selfish to ignore the misery of these voiceless and helpless people. 

So on July 30th, I published my online petition with the title “Humanity Before Nationality” on Unfortunately, the page had technical issues and was user-unfriendly. So I ended the petition on this platform and started it at on August 1th 2021. 


In the first week, I have contacted 70 active organizations, that I followed on Instagram who are working “with” or “for” refugees and not one single person has signed the petition yet. I have contacted a handful of relatives and not one single person has signed it yet. So I thought I should probably translate my petition into other languages. 

On August 5th I have published my petition in German and Italian. 

In the second week, I sent DM on Twitter and Facebook to organizations and charities that are working "with" or "for" refugees. But unfortunately, the 300  Twitter accounts seem to be inactive accounts. Their last postings were in 2020 before the pandemic. Facebook Groups seem to be inactive as well. But I keep posting and sharing.

On August 12th I have published the petition in French

On August 15th I have posted the first blog post on the petition page and send out my first email newsletter!

On August 25th I have opened a public Telegram channel for the petition to keep you in the loop. You find us here! Please join us and invite your contacts to be part of it as well. Make sure to download Telegram from the official website or update it to the latest version, using this link.

On August 28th I have published a "Step-by-Step Guide" here on my blog for those who have difficulties with signing the petition. 

On August 29th I have posted the second blog post on the petition page!

On September 3th I closed our new Telegram Channel. After reading the blog post "How to Get Members for Telegram Channel", I have decided that managing the petition page itself is challenging enough. I honestly have no desire and interest in buying "fake" or "real" followers for such a serious cause! Who am I to fool myself and our amazing petition supporters so far. 


FYI: This post will be a "featured post" on the right sidebar of my blog for the next months. I will update it and inform you about the petition process, which I already know won’t be an easy one. I may fail but at least I’m trying. That’s all I can do, even though it looks as if this goal is a mission impossible! 

Also, I won't be posting on Instagram @Lily4Refugees anymore. It is a waste of time. If you like to stay in the loop, please visit my blog and check out the updates in this post! Thank you. Danke. Merci. Grazie. 


You can sign the petition anonymously because we respect your privacy! 

Humanity Before Nationality

Menschlichkeit vor Nationalität

L'umanità prima della nazionalità