November 09, 2015

Making of Lily & Zak for my sweet bitter romance book “Angel of Love & Lily”


Making of  Lily & Zak for my sweet bitter romance book “Angel of Love & Lily”

When I was a teenager drawing & painting were my way of dealing with my emotions and feelings, especially when I was sad and unhappy. But the older I got writing became my way of self-therapy and passion. So I had stopped drawing for over a decade.

After finding and losing my soul mate, my first true love in just a short time the only way for me to deal with my emotional pain & sorrow and to heal my broken heart & soul was to write down my Story.

The story of “Angel of Love & Lily, Zak my sweet inspiration” was written between April and June 2015. I started the first from 20 sketches and Illustrations of Lily & Zak in May 2015. At the same time I wrote 28 Love songs and I have collected all in one book with the Title: “Angel of Love - Heat my frozen heart”.
Zak, my soulmate a smart and handsome Cypriot football player and English teacher made me fall in love for the very FIRST time in my entire Life. He became the Angel of Love for my frozen heart. So each song was and still is like a shower for my soul.

I tried everything in my power to make my soulmate understand how his rejection is hurting, disappointing and humiliating. I was so sure that he was the one, my true love for eternity. I was going to shower him with all my love, care and devotion, but he not only rejected my feelings, but sadly also my sincere friendship and limitless Love.

Realizing that I never meant anything to him and that he was just toying with my feelings was my emotional suicide. I’m still healing and finding a way to survive and not lose my faith in true Love.

It was very difficult for me to decide which lyric I should sent to “The UK Songwriting Contest”, because every single lyric means so much to me. However I tried to downsize 28 songs in just one lyric and I hope at least one good thing comes out of this emotional mess! Wish me luck. Three of my lyrics are still in the competition and I can’t wait to find out the result.

Because I publish books with the title Angel of Hope and Angel of Love, people often ask me if I actually do believe in Angels?

Want to know my honest answer? Will inform you in my next posting! :-)
Zak was truly my sweet inspiration. Now my first sweet bitter romance book is available on Amazon as book and E-book in English! I also wrote 28 love songs which are available in my second Song lyric Book “Angel of Love – Heat my frozen heart”. Also available on Amazon. 





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