April 20, 2018

Bunny & Turtle ebook is available!


Dear Blog visitor, summer is around the corner. I hope you are doing well and enjoying spring. My latest ebook “Bunny & Turtle, snob & shallow verses smart & slow!” was released in April. The print version with colorful illustrations will be available soon. We are still working on the images. So stay tuned….
While my other new book “Leo & Mousi, Refugees Unwanted!” is all about friendship and kindness, the story of “Bunny & Turtle” is about honesty and integrity. Unfortunately too many people make their way through life by fooling others with lies and cheats. Fortunately you can fool yourself and others only for a while, because lies don’t travel far. That’s a hard lesson that bunny will learn the hard way.
Even though these two characters have nothing in common, they do have the same goal. Two successful self-published authors, a turtle from Rome and a bunny from Napoli are competing at a writing contest in Florence! The winning prize is a publishing contract and a movie deal. Who is going to win the contest? The hard-working and honest turtle or the lazy charlatan bunny?
Bunny & Turtle is a timeless story with meaningful, educational, and inspiring messages for children and adults about honesty, integrity, and self-respect! 

Enjoy the read and dont forget honesty is the key to happiness! :-)