February 01, 2016

The nasSima Film design History


Film & Television have always played an important role in my life. Even as a kid I preferred to watch movies than to play with kids after school. Thank God my mom always supported all my passions. I remember that having a photo & Video camera was always a MUST in our home.
I made my first home-movie when I was just twelve years old. It was a short “Thriller” full of blood (ketchup) directed and filmed by me and played by friends in my age. We had such a laugh. It was allot of fun and I really enjoyed to be behind the camera. I not only took care of the story but also the editing afterwards. I wish back than I had the software’s that we have today. These days cutting a film is much easier on the Computer with professional Editing programs. But I had to do it on VHS with two Videorecorders. What an adventure! If “Youtube” existed in my generation I would surely have become a successful and passionate YouTube Filmmaker!
However later as a PR Manager in the field of Marketing and Public Relation I had the opportunity to produce short PR Films for Companies with International brands even without a degree in Filmmaking. I was fully responsible for the whole production process. From the idea to script development, dialogues, voice overs, pre-production, casting, the shooting and the final post-production including music, sound and special effects.

So it is no surprise that ever since I wrote and published my memoir “Destination: Freedom” I always had the intension to turn my book into a screenplay. So while I’m working on my third and last part of my trilogy these days, I’m also turning my first book into a screenplay, which is as you can imagine very challenging but also exciting.

Today I share my short PR movieSpecialwedding” written, directed and produced by nasSima design with you. Acted by beauty contest Winners Tania and Claudio. My groom was actually Mister Switzerland 2000. I financed the whole production with Product Placement and was supported by a professional film team who took care of the filming and editing.

Plot Keywords: Love, romance, fantasy

Plot Taglines: When you fall in love the impossible becomes possible.

Genres: Romance, Love story

Summary: A handsome man arrives in a Hotel and falls immediately in love with a beautiful lady on the Cover of a magazine. The young man is swept away by her beauty and has to find this mysterious girl. A magical power leads him to her. But to his surprise she is just a mannequin in a bridal shop window. Thanks to a magical necklace that he has she becomes human and alive. Without any hesitation he takes her in a Rolls Royce to a romantic location and they marry in a little white chapel surrounded by friends and family.

Yes, the story is super cheesy and is too good to be true. So as you can imagine of course the short PR movie has an unexpected ending. It turns out that the entire time the young man was daydreaming. The beautiful lady indeed exists. She shows up in his hotel room and is a nagging and unfriendly housekeeper! But who knows true love is limitless and full of surprises…isn’t it?

Country: Swiss
Language: Swiss German
Release Date: 2002
Duration: 17 Minutes
Filming Locations: Merlischachen Swiss Chalet / Berne city (Swiss)
Written, directed and produced: nasSima-design
Cast overview:  Tania (Miss Svizzera), Claudio (Mister Switzerland 2000)
Production Cost: 50 000 CHF Financed by Product Placement and Sponsoring
Premiered: At several Wedding Exhibitions around Switzerland
Media: Ads and articles in national Wedding magazines and News papers
The Making of pictures behind the Scene

Fotoshooting by Livingface Photography for Promotion and Film Cover


The Film in Pictures:







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