September 27, 2022

My Spotify playlists & Read My Mind 2022!

After recovering from Covid - which was really awful :-( - I’m working on formatting my annual blogger magazine READ MY MIND.  

2022 has been entirely dedicated to music. It all started with my Ambassadors story “Lennon, The Miracle of Music”. In spring I've invited international Indie artists for a Q&A on my blog and thanks to my online petition #HumanityB4Nationality I can finally share my song lyrics as a storyteller.  

Meanwhile, I have released three songs. 80 Million People!, Blood is always red! And The Stolen Years. I hope you enjoy my lyrics with my talented British artist Thir13een's incredible voice. 

I have also created playlists on Spotify! Hope you enjoy them as well.

Stay tuned for reading and browsing through Read My Mind 2022 and much more!


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