May 09, 2022

Meet Bestselling and Awardwinning Author Lizzy Stevens

It's been a while since I had a fellow writer on my blog for a Q&A. I'm excited to introduce to you American Author Lizzy Stevens. She writes paranormal/ romance and woman's fiction. Lizzy is a wife and mother of 2 boys and has been writing most of her life but got her first official contract in 2008. 2013 was an exciting year for Lizzy. She became a Best Selling author on Amazon.

Lizzy welcome to my blog. Tell me what do you enjoy most when writing your stories?

I enjoy watching this story that was up in my head start coming to life. I sit down at my computer and start typing. It might change along the way as it develops or I might add different characters than I was planning. It’s fun watching a small idea you have turn into a finished story.

When did you write your very first story and what was it about?

I was the kid growing up who was always reading and always writing little stories down. So, my very first story would have been when I was a child. My first published story was 2007. It was a romance.


You are an Amazon bestseller author. How did that happen?

A lot of hard work and long hours. There are millions of books on Amazon on any given day. You have to get your book out there in front of readers. You have to learn to juggle many things because while you are promoting the book that came out you have to be writing your next one.  I became an Award-Winning author in 2021. That was very exciting.

You have published a few stories with Steve Miller. How different is the writing process from collaborating with another author?

Actually, Steve is my husband. We write great together. I do the typing it out part. That would not work out very well for one person to type a little bit and then say ok your turn to type a little LOL So we plot out the story and I start typing then we discuss along the way and make changes along the way. It’s fun for us to create stories together. He is used to my craziness LOL Just the other night it was about 2 in the morning and I got up out of bed really quick and grabbed a pen and paper. He said what are you doing? I said I just got an idea and I don’t want to forget it LOL He’s used to nights like that so he laughed and asked what it was about lol


What genres do you enjoy reading the most?

I like women’s fiction, paranotal, fantasy, mystery, romance and the list goes on and on. If the plot sound interesting to me I’ll read it. I don’t keep myself trapped to certain genres.  

Where do you find your inspiration for your stories? I’m like probably most authors out there. Stories are always swirling around in my head. Then I decide which ones are just small thoughts and which ones I want to develop into my next book.


You have also published three audio books? Tell me more about them?

I actually have a lot of my books in audio. I like to give the reader options. So I have ebook, print book and audio books available.


From all your books, which one is your favorite and why?

That is a really hard question. I have different favorites for different reasons.  The very first book I published with Steve is one of my favorites. Then I wrote one with my 2 boys. That one will always have a place in my heart. My boys are everything to me. Then the one that made me an Award-Winning author I will always love. When you have been writing for as many years as I have it’s too hard to pick one favorite. Each story that you write has memories of their own. Each story holds a place in your heart for its own reasons.


Lizzy are you working on a new story right now?

Yes. I’m always working on new stories. I recently wrote a few short stories for a contest. I’ve also wrote stories for Amazon’s new Kindle Vella platform. I really enjoyed doing that. I have a couple more Vella stories in the works and few others. I should have several new books and stories out over the next couple of months.


Great. Thank you so much for being my guest. I wish you and your husband the best of luck with your future book releases! 

If you like to know more about the two talented writers, visit Lizzy's website or follow her on Twitter! All her books are available on Amazon!


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